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  • That’s one of my favorites, too. I’ve noticed a few of these fieldstone-farmhouse-looking houses around upper NW and they always seem to be on corner lots. I wonder why. The only thing that makes me not covet this one completely is the lack of any private backyard space.

  • It’s a good photo.

  • That is lovely.

  • very nice. It reminds me of the fieldstone houses in the Philadelphia area that I remember from my youth. The stone up there is flecked with mica, so it sparkles in the sunlight.

  • Emmaleigh504


  • That is so beautiful – not to big, authentically landscaped, interesting windows and details. Sigh.

  • Jake, I used to live in one of those sparkly houses! A little one, not one of the big estates around Villanova…

  • Actually the house has a huge and sweeping back yard that covers the extends from Quebec St. to Williamsburg Lane. It is nestled into Rock Creek Park and is so private that it is hard to believe it is in the city. Great house, great choice!

  • @Anon 9:47am, I think you’re mistaken. This house is on the corner of the block where my mother lives and I walk by it all the time. I love the house, but the tall brick townhouse you can see in the right side of the frame is very close to the back of the house.

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