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There is a sign for a new pizza spot to come to 1745 Connecticut Ave, NW. However, there was a stop work order on the front window? Anyone ever hear of this pizza spot before? Is it a chain? They are claiming New York style pizza which could fill a gap in the city’s pizza options.

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  • There’s one in Falls Church on Broad Street. Only had one slice of plain cheese, as a test. It’s the bendy-in-half kind, like NYC. They were friendly there. Very low-brow – paper plates only. Teeny selection of beer. BUT they will run your pie out to your car in the parking lot in the rain. Maybe I’ll have that tonight!

  • They won some popularity contest run by Washingtonian(?) recently. Beat out Red Rocks if I remember correctly. I had never heard of them before.

  • Oh, and I’m not sure they are totally on par with NYC. But different from a lot of the dreck out there calling itself pizza.

  • They’ve been building one on Colesville in Silver Spring for what seems like forever.

  • bleh. uninspired. like most ny pizza. and I think they are NY style based in LA poised to now saturate the DC market and yes. as a chain they got wind of washingtonians pizza pole and asked all their chains to promote the contest and vote. so of course the national chain won.

  • Anonymous is correct; it’s a California chain; this will be its first location right in DC, and yes, they did beat out RedRocks in the Washingtonian’s Pizza Bracket, because they solicited votes from their locations all over the freakin’ country. How’s a local business supposed to compete with THAT?

    On that basis alone I will probably never buy pizza there. I thought I left those kinds of voting tactics behind when I left New Jersey … 🙂

  • I echo Elaine’s sentiment. As a child of NYC (born and raised and recently moved down here), I would suggest that a Cali-based chain claiming NY-style pizza and cheating on a DC-magazine online poll is probably not worth the time of day.

  • i had the pizza in falls church. the pizza is nothing special – i would rather eat red rocks any day over this place.

  • It’s impossible to have NY pizza in DC due to the difference in the water composition, which in turn significantly impacts the dough. Same issue with bagels. Even someone overflowing with integrity and talent won’t be able to make NY pizza in DC.

    Moroni and Brothers has the best pizza in DC. Vace is good. Redrock is good. Radius is good. Moroni does it best.

  • BLAH! Another Disappointing Pizza place we need more places like PIzza Pardisio and Cafe Pizziola which are both top notch pizza places in my book!

  • Is this going into the spot next to sweetgreen in dupont? i wondered what was going in there…

  • @grumpy no this is north of there, up by the TD Bank. If I remember correctly an American Apparel will go in next to Sweetgreen.

    Also, this place didn’t used to have the windows covered up. That’s what they did after they got reported for working despite the stop work order.

  • I was about to say…I thought I learned about Flippin’ Pizza right here on this very blog.

  • I’ve eaten the pizza in Falls Church a few times with my boyfriend who absolutely loves it and, like me, is a NY pizza snob. I, however, prefer Pete’s Apizza on 14th and Irving for thin crust pizza. Their lunch special is awesome, though… it’s only $5 for two slices and a drink. That’s great when you consider how much just ONE slice of pizza costs these days.

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