Help Save a Local Non Profit in Danger of Closing

From an email:

“Think you could help us out?  I am the Legal Director at a great local non-profit called WEAVE, Women Empowered Against Violence.  WEAVE providers legal, counseling, and emergency services to survivors of domestic violence.  It is one of the few organizations in the country that provides all of these services within one organization.  We have one of four attorneys in the country who specializes in working with LGBTQ survivors of domestic violence.  Sadly, WEAVE is on the verge of closing its doors.  There has been some recent media coverage:

Also, there is a happy hour fundraiser tomorrow night:

Please do what you do best and help spread the word so that we can keep doing what we do!”

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  • As a victim of domestic violence, I would beg all PoP readers who can make a donation to WEAVE to please do so. I did not live in DC when I was trying to get out of an abusive relationship, but can attest to the fact that quality services for battered women are difficult to come by and chronically under-funded.

    Please, please consider donating to save this organization. Women’s lives depend on it. Literally.

  • I have volunteered with this organization in the past and it provided an amazing resource to those in need from the Washington metro area. It has touched so many lives and in a time like this, they are needed even more so. Please help them however you can!

  • This is truly a noble cause and I hope that you get the funding you need to help out those in need.

    That being said, every time this issue comes up I can’t help but remember when a girl cried on my shoulder (I was her nice guy “friend”) because she was being treated like sh*t by her “bad-boy” boyfriend. She insisted that he was really a good person inside and he would only show it to her and thats why no one else saw it, or that he was going to change and he was just having a hard time or something like that.

    All of these girls later are *SHOCKED* that instead of becoming the man of their dreams this SOB drank more, cheated more and did more criminal stuff and decided to sometimes hit them.

    I have seen this happen so many times I wonder if there should be just a Non-Profit informing women they don’t have the one unuque bad-boy boyfriend who will magically turn into a prince but are dating a looser on the self-destructive path to a crappy life of despair and abuse and they should just leave him already.

    Of course this probably has nothing to do with the REAL cause of domestic violence and I am in no way qualified to claim I know anything about any of this. It’s just what comes to my mind.

  • Anonymous @ 12:17 – screw you. This is so not the time or the place for your comment.

  • [email protected]:22 –

    Why so hostile? I commended them on their efforts and I even plan to donate because I recognize this is a problem that seriously affects many. I did mention my story is not the real cause of the problem at larger and that I have no qualification other than my own personal experience of isolated incidents which I described. I did not try to blame the victims or lessen the seriousness of the crime. So excuse me if I decide not to screw me because you believe there is no place to share personal experiences on the subject on a blog.

  • “I did not try to blame the victims or lessen the seriousness of the crime.”

    Uh, yeah, that’s exactly what you did. That’s why I’m so hostile.

  • I see how [email protected]:22 took [email protected]:17’s comment, but I really don’t think [email protected]:17 meant harm by it. Just that he has seen a woman in a relationship on the path to domestic violence, so he has witnessed the signs first hand. It didn’t sound like he was blaming the victim.

    I plan on donating. Hope this good organization can be pulled back up.

  • Theres nothing funny about beating women, or puppies. Everything else is fair game.

  • Just to throw this out there, I know someone who has worked in the DV community for a long time, who said that WEAVE is largely failing due to its own mismanagement and misuse of funds.

    This person felt that donations would be better off going to other organizations who have serviced this victims of domestic violence far more effectively (DCCADV and others)…

  • [email protected]:52 –

    Actually… I think you are trying to paint this picture. I don’t see how A TRUE story about one person can demean a whole cause fighting a specific antisocial behavior, especially since at the end I noted this
    “Of course this probably has nothing to do with the REAL cause of domestic violence ”

    If anything, since I described a story of several girls I knew, you are accusing THEM of lessening the seriousness of the crimes by being involved in the situation and blaming the victims. In a way you are blaming the victims for acting in a way in which the very act of telling their story blames the victims.

    Perhaps my telling of this story will help some girl realize she is in a similar situation and get out of it before it is too late? I may actually be helping someone and all you can do is have an adverse reaction.

    The only way I can agree with you that I am being negative is if this was a made up story and a situation like I described happens never or very rarely.

    BTW- regardless of the situation, I think any male who mistreats a woman phisicaly or mentally is an evil criminal and an overall weak and pathetic human that should be locked up.

  • Anon 1:20

    That’s not surprising. The message that the organization will cease without this last minute fundraiser doesn’t make me feel my money would be best served.

  • In this economy, even the best nonprofits are experiencing tough financial times. I can personally attest that WEAVE is a phenomenal organization that employs amazing staff and helps thousands of people per year. Of course, there are other DV organizations that do great work too, but not the same as WEAVE. I would hate to see people with no place to go to for help just because there is a suspicion that the organization was not managed well.

  • WEAVE has saved lives. Without WEAVE, more battered, hopeless women will needlessly die. That’s why I contributed tonight. I hope others open their hearts and do the same.

  • Anon 7:52. Thank you for highlighting that even the best non profits are experiencing hard times in these economic times. That coupled with getting their funding cut-off at the last minute by previous benefactors. We need to support WEAVE. They do amazing work.

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