Good Deal or Not? Right Above Busboys & Poets Edition


This condo is located at 1390 V Street, NW:

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The flier says:

“LOCATION-LOCATION! REDUCED $10K w/ $6K clos. help! Secure 4 yr old beautiful Condo in sought after bldg & conv. to bus, subway, stores, restaurants, etc. Spectacular views from private balc w/ gourmet kit, wood floors, SS appl. , stack W & D, track lighting, high ceilings, LOFT BR & more. Owner found HOC & ready to move. Priced below mkt for a quick sale. Call LA w/ ?’s & to show. HURRY, won’t last!”

More info and photos found here.

I’ve been curious to see the condos inside this building, the Langston Lofts. It is a pretty killer location. But what do you think of the condo itself? Does $389,998 sound reasonable for this 1 bed/1 bath?

There is also a 1 bed/1.5 bath for $452,900.

And a 2 bed/2.5 bath for $519,900.

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  • It will last. Probably go for around 350K.

  • The pictures aren’t very helpful in determining the layout, but it looks very odd. Is the bedroom open to the rest of the apartment? Seems functionally more like a studio, if that’s that case.

  • you walk up a mini flight of stairs from your hallway entrance to your little bedroom which looks down onto your liittle kitchen/living room. there’s yer loft.

  • I generally don’t like loft spaces because they seem to always have weird layouts that waste a lot of space. This unit seems to be a particularly egregious example of that. I don’t think it’s a good deal at this price, but I think someone will pick it up around 330k. Even that is a huge amount of appreciation from the $261k sales price it was purchased for in 2005. I think this is a bad unit that will be saved by a good location, even in this market.

  • The location is great but how many people are seriously in the market ready to spend 450k for a 1BR 1.5BA condo even in a great location? Assuming condo fees of $300 a month, yearly taxes $2,500 (both low estimates) you are looking at monthly costs of roughly $3,000 – IF you put 20% / $90,000 down!

  • I like that it has a balcony, but they need to include garage parking with the 1 bedroom if they want to get that much money. $528/sq.ft. just isn’t worth your while.

  • @ Istopor: Yeah, the seller seems to have gotten a good deal in 2005 and should be able to sell at a profit. Interesting, you don’t see that very much.

  • Exposed ductwork = interior design fail for the 00’s. Just my opinion. Bracing for impact.

  • $261k in 2005… I’m going to guess this is a realtor’s unit or someone connected to PN Hoffman or whoever the developer was. I think $320k-330k, still a hefty profit, especially if the commission is one sided.

  • A lot of the people who bought presale in that building got 1 bdr’s in the $250k range.

    This unit is a ripoff at $389k. I wouldn’t pay $300k for it.

  • It’s a no-go. Sorry. Don’t do it.

  • No comment on the dealy-ness of this place. I just have a burning question:

    Can someone please explain the trend in newer buildings to add these postage stamp balconies? Looking at the above picture, why not just extend it sideways over a couple of more feet? You know, so you can actually put a pair of chairs on it instead of a potted plant or two. I really just don’t understand it.

    Is it a money thing? Zoning? I love balconies as much as the next guy, but these seem borderline useless in terms of being able to actually enjoy a small piece of outdoor space for much of anything. I don’t want to stand while drinking my morning cup of coffee or mojito. I want to sit down, in a chair, preferably with at least one other person.

    What gives?

  • Jimmy D, I’ve wondered about tiny balconies too: why bother? If you look at the pictures in the listing you can see that they managed to put a tiny table and 2 chairs on their balcony, which is impressive. It’d be really cramped though. Otherwise, I’m thinking they would be useful if you smoke and don’t want to stink up your apt smoking, or have guests who smoke and not have to make them walk downstairs.

  • okienoodler- When we were looking at a place in the Lofts next door, my wife asked the agent when they were going to finish the ceiling. It was great. She wasn’t yet hip to that trend, yet. Still isn’t, actually.

  • I’d much rather be in an older building like The Brittany at 16th & U or the one across the street (forget the name) and fix it up myself. All these lofts have such similiiar layouts and are a dime a dozen.

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