Good Deal or Not? “Phone Entry System” Edition


This condo is located at 739 Newton Place, NW:

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The flier says:

“”The Prasada” Beautiful 2br-2ba Condominium With Gourmet Kitchen, SS Appliances, Granite Counters, Pre-wired High Speed Internet, MBR Jacuzzi Tub, Washer/Dryer, Phone Entry System, Stylish Lighting, Gleaming Hardwood Floors And Much More. 3 BLOCKS TO PETWORTH METRO!”

You can find more info and photos here.

The photos look pretty nice. I’m not sure if I’d highlight a “phone entry system” though… But seriously what do you think of the condo itself? Does $329,000 sound reasonable for this 2 bed/2bath?

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  • The “T1” unit number and drawn shades all scream “ground level” or “terrace” apartment to me. Plus they’ve attempted to shoehorn 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms into a 750 sq.ft. apartment. $439/sq.ft. will get you a pretty decent above-ground place in logan circle. If I’m paying $329,000 in Petworth, I want more than what they’re offering.

    They’d have to throw in garage parking for me to consider it worth the money.

  • I agree with JM above. Definitely a subterranean feel.

  • Agreed it sounds underground, and the building looks so drab….like a post office. Disagree that 2BR/2BA in 750 feet is shoehorning. That’s a lot of space if planned well.

  • Agree with JM above. 750 sq ft is tiny for two bedrooms. Parking is terrible, and not particularly safe, on that street.

  • I looked at this place in December 2007, when it was priced at $299K. It is not even ground level, more like glorified basement. I think 10 percent appreciation over less than years is optimistic, especially given what the last two years were like for the housing market.

  • I’m curious, does anyone have a jacuzzi tub, and if so, does it ever actually get used? It seems like a lot of these places put them in as a “high end” selling point, but I doubt they really add much at all.

  • I’d make a bid, but lowball a little. The area is one of the few areas left in NW with potential for a lot of growth. Live in it or rent out to young families, students or dreaded hipsters for a while.

  • Nice place for dwarfs.

  • Ah, the old block.
    I remember way back when it was just an empty rundown building, waiting for some developer to come along and fix her up . . .

  • Yeah, I think you can get a 1 bedroom condo for that price in a really nice building with a pool in Chinatown.
    So 2 small bedrooms in Petworth for that?

  • 14th n’ Otis: We had a jacuzzi tub in a place we lived in for 3 and a half years. I’m sure that in total we spent more time trying to clean the jets than actually using the thing. I’d rather have a standard tub.

  • I too looked at this unit (and several others in the building) in 2007 before I bought my house. Tiny rooms and less light than my current finished basement. Building is pretty drab, and at least when I visited on a Sunday afternoon, seemed a dreary block with lots of trash and broken glass in the street and a couple of boarded up houses. There wasn’t a unit in that building over $340k in 2007, so I find this price for the basement after 2 years of real estate free fall ridiculous.

  • I too looked at units in this building back in 2007; however I didn’t think it was that bad. The units had great 12 ft. ceilings and nice features. I do think the layouts didn’t maket the best use of spaec (i.e., large bathroom, small kitchen). My issue was that it’s a stones throw from “the house” and I wasn’t too keen on having to deal with the hassles that place creates.

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