Good Deal or Not? “New Kitchen Floor!” Edition


This home is located at 1505 Emerson Street, NW:

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The flier says:

“NEW PRICE! NEW KITCHEN FLOOR! NEW BR CARPET! Handsome period piece: 10′ ceilings, hearts-of-pine floors, huge windows, gorgeous oak staircase; move-in condition, updated 1995. Great corner lot, fully fenced back yard, professional landscaping, back deck, all on a wonderful street just one block off 16th- easy access to everything!”

More info and photos found here.

This home stopped me in my tracks. What do you think of the photos? That new kitchen floor is pretty sweet, yeah? It has had a pretty significant price reduction. Originally offered at $875,000 it is now on the market for $725,000 – Good deal or not?

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  • “updated 1995” – lol.

    I love the wrap-around porch. I don’t love the carpet. I don’t know the area well enough to say for sure about the price, but I’d imagine it’s in the ballpark but there are probably better deals around.

  • There’s a lot to like, but for $725k you’d think they could update the hideous kitchen cabinets, the carpet, and the horrible paint colors upstairs. Eeesh!

  • Why would they even bother to put in a new kitchen floor when the entire Kitchen is probably going to be updated by whomever purchases the house. I would have instead put in HWs upstairs and painted the house a neutral color.

  • i can vouch that it’s a great ‘hood.

  • People can hate on this, but it’s a nice CLASSY house in a great neighborhood. Not everything needs to be straight out of some yuppie magazine. Put in some new cabinets if you like, but I doubt the people selling this are house flippers… and there’s nothing wrong with that.

    I can’t imagine if my parents put their house on Redfin and it was featured (unknowkingly) on this site- only for people to take craps on it because they don’t have the $ to put in for some fancy custom cabinetry.

  • i would kill for that house. beautiful structure, but it definitely needs a bit of TLC. not sure what other homes in that area are priced at, but it looks to be a nice block. if I had the money I would definitely take a hard look at it.

  • High 6’s will be the sale price.

  • PoP, that whole section between 15th & Emerson & Delafied Place would yield some nice “House of the Day” prospects. As for this house, its a steal.

  • Are you people crazy? It’s a 5BR house with yard and porch, for a price only a couple hundred thousand more than soulless 1.5BR downtown condos are selling for. Good deal. Sure, there are things to hate on (like the cabinetry), but those are minor compared to the overall package.

  • Perhaps people aren’t “hating” on the house but rather reacting to being mislead by the angle used by the listing agent (no surprise there). Boasting “NEW KITCHEN FLOOR” kind of leads you to expect a great kitchen, whereas it’s a clean, livable kitchen with a new vinyl floor, which can be updated later when time and finances allow.

  • I know this neighborhood and if I had 725K, would buy this house in a heart beat! Looks structurally sound.

  • Amelia–you can’t compare apples to oranges…those “soulless” condos are incredibly convenient to Metrorail, prime shopping and dining, etc.

    That said, this is a nice house and will be better once it is updated. I think the price is reasonable.

    On a side note: I love Mouse on House. So much better than everything else. Homevisit is my second favorite, but doesn’t measure up to being able to see the floor plan with Mouse on House.

  • Good deal. Corner lot in a nice neighborhood with a wrap around porch – that’s a big selling point for me. It’s a solid house that needs some updating but nothing that needs to be done immediately. Well, except for repainting and taking out the new upstairs carpet – I’ll bet there are nice hardwood floors underneath.

  • Great looking house. I could definitely live with those kitchen cabinets when the rest of the house is that fabulous – love the colors upstairs! I think it’s a steal!

  • this house is just around the corner from S buses and 50s buses and close to the commercial strip on 14th that includes Highlands, a dry cleaners, dance studio, etc.

  • The wrap-around porch and the bay window are great. And the price is reasonable. Good deal!

  • Wow, this house is really nice. The owners are not very smart for not investing a couple grand into getting ready for sale. It would have sold already if they just replaced that disgusting carpet, painted that hideous blue room, replaced the early 90s lighting fixture in the bathroom, and maybe put some new cabinet doors on. You expect people to look past these things, but you’re trying to get 3/4 of a million dollars for a house…c’mon.

  • I thought this might be a good deal but there’s a roughly comparable house down the street from it listed for $599K:

  • crin is probably right, it will sell under 7, if the electrics and plumbing is updated (it should be if they put in central AC). If it isn’t looking real good inside, it will have much cheaper houses to contend with, for example, this place on Crittenden for $454k. Ok, it’s 4 blocks away, not as big, and needs reno, but that doesn’t make a $271k difference go away.

  • This house is a few blocks away and is “only” 4 bedrooms but was definitely move-in ready and was only $650k:

  • Great Hood, but the price is out of line. IT NO close to eee metro
    says Jose Chen LEE

  • I don’t know that this is totally out of line considering the size, the porch, and the yard – likely it will sell for a bit less hard to say but like around $700,000. Is that a church, schools, or what across the street (i.e. what’s that place bring traffic-wise)?

  • The carpet and kitchen cabinets are minor issues compared to the rest of the house. I would be more interested learning what the monthly heating and cooling costs would be for a big house like this. Probably not cheap.

  • Ah ET, you hit the nail or the controversy on the head. What used to be across the street was a butt kicking gorgeous victorian house which was torn down by the Mormans so they could put up an outsized church with a ten story tower! The neighborhood is up in arms and the outcome is undetermined. Read…/AR2008052302750.html. This has been an ongoing problem with the area involving too many churches of increasing size, the ensuing traffic, and no taxes. Just Google map the 7700 block of Alaska Avenue NW across from Walter Reed and you’ll see what they don’t want in the hood.

  • Well, that changes things a bit.

  • I love this house, ugly kitchen, ratty carpet, easter egg colors and all. I’ve been dreamwishing on it for a couple of weeks now. Nothing like this is ever priced in a range I can afford. Sigh.

  • The cabinets aren’t gorgeous, but I don’t see them as so horrible. This house is so cute and the area is great. That little pocket of 16th Street Heights north of 14th & Colorado, east of 16th and south of Kennedy has some nice houses and many are not typical DC rowhouses. If I were looking and had the $, I’d move in.

  • I lived in this house for two years. It has problems.

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