Good Deal or Not? New Building Edition


This new building is located at 1910 8th Street, NW:

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The flier says:

“Ultimate perfection is what BlueSkyHousing had in mind when they constructed The Stella Polaris Condominium. A newly constructed sun drenched, 5 Unit upscale Condominium Building. It features 2-BR & 2-FB, open floor plan with 10 ft ceilings, Stainless-Steel Appliances, Granite Counters, MBR Suites. Security System, Video Entry System and Parking. JUST REDUCED by $ 20k!!!!”

More info and photos found here.

I’ve been monitoring this building pretty closely and am excited we get to take a look inside. I think the location is pretty good as there is a lot of movement on the 9th and U St. area and we’ve seen in the last few weeks. This is near the flea market that is going to get redeveloped plus the wine bar, consignment shop, and new tavern that are all slated to come in nearby. But anyway, back to the actual condo. How do you think it looks? How do you think the building itself looks?

Does $499,999 sound reasonable for this 2 bed/2 bath?

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  • I would hate to pay that much money and live on the top floor — is there an elevator?!

  • That building looks so lonely….

  • “ultimate perfection” lol

  • I don’t see anything about an elevator.

  • This is, in fact, a good deal. When you account for the fact that it comes with an existing parking spot, is on the top floor, and has a condo fee of $250/month, it is more than competitive with the units in the new Vermont Avenue-area condo buildings.

  • Is the building really named “Stella Polaris”??!?

    I’m not sure how they managed it, but the photos make the unit look like there’s not a lot of sun? Maybe it doesn’t face the front?

  • Would the building be required to have an elevator beause of ADA?

  • This is probably a decent deal. But the realtor(s) here are setting new lows in marketing this property. Horrible photo website, photos with date stamps on them, photos that are horribly compressed and confusing (the picture of the second bath still has me scratching my head), photos that don’t show the whole place or explain the layout, pictures of the renderings rather than of the finished product, just absolutely horrid. sigh. Is there any way to put in a bid where you explicitly state that no commission should be paid to the listing real estate agent?

  • @L, ADA does not require elevators. Fair Housing Accessibility guidelines requires that buildings have at least one accessible entrance, and that any unit on a floor accessible by that entrance must meet ADA guidelines for accessibility.

  • “U” – Do you prefer Mouse on House for virtual tours. I think realtors should use it. It combines floor plan, dimensions w/ photos

    Is it me or does kitchen look huge? Master bath and floors are nice too.
    Builders should spend the extra few dollars and install Elfa shelving in nonwalk-in closets.

  • only a half mil?! i’ll take two!

  • The height, lack of ornamentation, and unremitting right angles make this building look somewhat like a tombstone in an empty field. It’s quite severe and not at all stylish.

  • Mouse on House is good. I also like the regular lo-def (not the high-bandwidth version, and this assumes that the realtor isn’t posting 500k .jpg files). For other people reading this, here are examples of those two.



    The aim should be something simple and unintrusive. Everything else sucks balls.

  • What is the rule for fire exit in Washington DC. how many floors does the building have to be before you must have a fire exit on the back or side of the building?

  • Keep in mind that this “condo” building is on a row-house lot. Therefore, there will be a building of unknown appearance right up against the right side at some point. Also, although this area is improving, gun shots are still frequently heard in the evenings and drug deals occur in the alley behind this property as well as openly on the street side. As far as noise, (besides gun shots) the “Little Ethiopia” corridor between 9th and Florida (U ST) and 9th and T gets bass thumping loud towards the end of the week through the weekend. I am surprised at the lack of bars on the lower windows due to frequent break-ins to cars in broad daylight (including the lot next to the flea market). And furthermore, I would not want to park in the free parking spot behind this building for fear of either getting my car broken into or, getting sexually assaulted. (A few years ago an 8th St resident was sexually assaulted in the alley). — So to summarize… NOT A GOOD DEAL!

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