Good Deal or Not? “floor-to-ceiling windows” Edition


These condos are located at 1466 Harvard Street, NW:

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The flier says:

“A fabulous new building with only 12 condos for sale. Sales start September 12, 2009. High end design features some of the most progressive, thoughtful design in Washington DC, with Porcelanosa kitchens, private outdoor spaces, 2-level spaces for privacy, floor-to-ceiling windows, Monument views, and designer layouts that trounce standard white box condos.”

More info and photos found here.

Here’s another building that we’ve judged in the past. Now we get to see the inside. What do you think of the photos? I’m a huge fan of the gigantic windows. Does $599,900 sound reasonable for this unit?

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  • Building looks super nice, with even bigger windows in the back and many different levels of roofdecks. Even has parking in the rear. No idea what my thoughts are on the price points, only that it is clear this isnt some cheap flip that looks nice until the sheen fades away.

    My only complaint is about that first floor unit in the front – you are basically sharing your living room and kitchen with the people on the sidewalk. You can touch the window from it. For the money they are asking, they could have put a few shrubs that are a little father along in the maturation process for some semblance of privacy. Or bottom-up blinds instead of the venetian they have now.

  • I like it. Not bad, and I might even go so far as to call it a good deal, if that price included a parking spot.

  • At $599K, that much square footage is a steal! Of course, would have to see it. And parking is “for sale” so probably add another $30K to that. But so close to metro, who needs a car?

  • Great deal, particularly given the low condo fees. Compare to the earlier GDoN that featured the 1bdr+den loft condo for the same price. This is a better deal for the same money. Like Derek says, I’d try to convince them to throw in a parking spot, as well.

  • Until last week I used to live directly across the street from these condos. My main problem with them is that they do not fit in with the style of the other buildings on the street, which are predominately row houses. Also, you can tell from the picture posted by PoP that the big gray wall on the right side comes out a good 5 feet farther than the building it abuts, blocking off all the light these front apartments used to get.

    I could see pretty clearly what the tenets on the 2nd floor were up to, even with the blinds closed. It is a shame that you would have to close your blinds tightly at all times since those are great windows (and probably part of the reason you are paying so much).

    As for the parking spots, there are only 4 (I think) and they are not covered and have no surrounding fence. So it’s like parking in the alley. Not worth $30,000 in my opinion.

    Also, crime is this neighborhood (as has been noted on this blog before) is not great. The catalyst for my move was the shooting of the innocent bystander on 14th and Harvard. This building is half a block away. Also, it’s backyard is the alley behind girard street, which has problems of it’s own.

  • Eh. Just looking at comps you can get this house a couple blocks away in what most would consider a much better location. Sure it doesnt have top of the line modern touches but the house would lend itself quite nicely to some modern updates. And with a price tag 40k lower and no condo fee to worry about you can make those changes off the bat. And this has a back yard a front yard and 2 car parking to boot. But then I just prefer house living to condo living.

  • I love the actual condo’s, but I have many complaints.

    I love the windows, but would hate such open access for people to look in and see everything I’m doing.

    Completely agree with DCSarah that the building, though very nice from a design standpoint, does not fit in with the other buildings on the block.

    Alley parking with no fence, garage, whatever….in that area? I’d rather park on the street.

    So, I like it, but for 600K I’d be looking elsewhere…..

  • house in anon 2:47. Though it appears to be a mid century modern town house that has had bad suburban upgrades that will need to be swaped for something more modern. especially that kitchen. And I’m guessing the unpictured bathrooms. This is the cheapest livable house ive seen in all of 20009 or 20010. I’ll have to check out the open house.

  • I once had a corner apartment that had floor to ceiling windows on two sides. It was fabulous and I still miss it greatly. It was on the 12th floor, though.

  • A friend of mine who used to live in a basement hated it as she’d look up and out her small basement windows to see the local miscreants peeing on the window and in the window box as part of their efforts to win her heart. So ever since then my theory has been windows should be above urine-level.

  • yeah i think its safe to say floor to ceiling windows should be graded on a case by case bases. I have them but with a good veiw and safe from prying eyes. they are also south facing and let me tell you. its great during the winter. light poors in them all day from the low winter sun. def helps my seasonal depression.

  • Love the kitchen. I wish they had included more photos.

  • agreed with dcsarah that the stretch of harvard between 16th and 14th is a little hood…

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