Good Deal or Not? “Drop dead renovation” Edition (Reader Request)


This home is located at 4213 8th Street, NW:

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The flier says:

“Drop dead renovation from top to bottom on this Petworth TH just 4 blks to the subway. 10 foot ceilings, 4 FP’s all new windows, decorator paint colors, HWD Floors on 3 lvls. Don’t miss the gourmet kitchen w/ granite counter tops, SS appliances and ceramic flooring. Designer mirrors & vanities in all new 3.5 bathrooms and more!! Condos next door start at $388k. This is a bargin w/ 3 fin. levels!!”

More info and photos found here.

So do you think this is a “drop dead renovation”? Does $599,000 sound reasonable for this 4 bed/3.5 bath home?

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  • I checked out this place. Interesting staging. Rehab is just ok. The hard woods floors need work and leveling. I wish there was an overhead garage door like the condos next door. Love the 4 fireplaces but wished they all worked — you’ll have to invest about 1500 per fireplace to repair. (I also looked at those condos next door about a year ago — those are very well quality rehabs.) Rooms are decently sized. I would offer about 500K due to things I’ll have to change and/or repair. (The place was bought in late Spring 2009 for only 300K.)

  • It’s a beauty. Nice location steps from Domku and the playground. Redone detached houses nearby sold for $499K last year, and there’s not much yard. It’s a big markup from the April price ($300K) so they might consider taking it down to $530K or so.

  • Cute but I wish it had some greenspace in the back. Does it have a basement? I’d pay $599,000 for the one on the corner of 8th & Upshur but I think they overpaid at $499,000 for this one.

  • No greenspace. “Drop dead renovation” seems a bit out of place since there’s cheap hollow core doors, Home Depot vanities and some ridiculous cheapo molding around one of the fireplaces. It’s also sad to find out the fireplaces don’t work. Also, what’s with the view of that port-o-potty in the backyard>

  • did the use the same tile on the fireplace, bathroom floors, and tub wall?

  • The port-o-potty is actually located in the backyard of another house that’s being renovated. There is a lot of redevelopment going on in that area.

  • I’d say its reasonably priced (might sell for 10-15 percent off asking, which is typical) but it looks like it more like 6 blocks to the metro, not 4.

  • I checked this place out too. It’s huge, but I would offer something a little lower to compensate for the quality of the renovation and the work that still needs to be done. I live in the area and some type of fence/garage door is a necessity. I wouldn’t want to sit out back at night without it and that kind of investment could deter crime in a big way.

  • The motion in the virtual tour made me seasick.

  • Eh. not drop dead. not bad, but not great. and the backyard, or lack thereof, kinda sucks.

  • Price seems about right for 4 bed 3.5 bath, if it had a yard (even a decent front one). Good location, not too far from Metro, close to Upshur-to-Rock Creek. Seems solid.

  • What buyer type are they trying to attract with the staging? Is Mr. Belvedere included?

  • I really like, it looks huge and love that it still 3 floors as it doesn’t seem to have a basement. I think it will sell for $540 pretty easily. As for no green space, if someone invested in a gate you could create a little oasis on the back patio with container plants.

  • Hmmm. The staging is very strange. Not sure if they know their target audience. Does “decorator paint colors” mean yellow?

  • Renovated? Sure.

    Drop dead gorgeous? Good God no.

    If the real estate agent has to go out of his/her way to explain the list price, they’re asking for too much. Plus, whose bright idea was it to concrete over the backyard? And who did that awful tile job? The quality doesn’t look top-notch, and I’d be leery of work not seen (electrical, plumbing).

  • I do have a garage and I live in Petworth. I’m glad I do b/c the alley can be pretty scary at night. At the very least, a fence is a good investment.

  • major mistake in putting the same tile on the fireplace, tub and floor! that is a “decorator” no-no! who is re-dong these places? I have not seen it in person but knowing how much work a house needs even though it has been “fixed up” I still say the price is pretty high.

  • ugly tile in the bathroom and on the fireplace. cheapy-looking plastic doors, low-end plumbing fixtures. melamine kitchen. looks like a home depot reno special to me. hardly “drop dead”.

    the house before renovation probably had better doors and wordwork in it… definitely not worth $599. high 400s max. and i agree, staging is horrible. but someone will buy it. that’s why these contractors are smarter than me.

    anyone else sick of stainless steel appliances?

  • that thing has a kitchen with a GREAT layout. Lots of counter space between the range and the sink, refrigerator right there behind you as you work but not too close. Good amount of cabinets. That’s my comment. Price? Kinda 2006, I think. But I guess the market is rebounding.

  • I HATE those visual tour things. Just give me some decent pictures, people! I almost feel like they must be hiding something with all that panning that doesn’t allow my eyes to settle on anything. And as the Parakeet said, now I feel seasick.

  • “anyone else sick of stainless steel appliances?”

    I do. When I was looking for a place back in the winter, every place I looked at had stainless steel appliances and wanted $25K-$50K too much as a result. As if somehow the fact of stainless steel overcame low-end fixtures and poor-quality rehabs like the ones shown in the pictures with this place. We finally settled on the one that had a twenty-year-old kitchen and a decent price. So far, we’ve kept the kitchen (with a little bit of extra counter space courtesy of Ikea) and have never looked back. I can think of better things to spend money on.

    Also, with this place, why the spectacularly luxurious stainless steel appliances but the cheap stackable washer and dryer? If there’s one thing worth spending a little extra on, its bigger washers and driers.

  • I think a while back, and I mean at least a decade, if not more, stainless steel appliances generally implied high quality, professional quality appliances. Perhaps it’s not the stainless steel appliances, it’s the proliferation of ordinary ones with some SS slapped on, like the ones in this reno. (Sorry sheepprofessor, these are a far cry from luxurious appliances. They’re pretty good, but your standard-ordinary-run-of-the-mill-nothing-special appliances and nothing more.) The range and micro look like Fridigaire, the fridge like an Amana. Those are the same appliances you get in black/white/almond for several hundred less. Your ordinary, pretty good, nothing special but not
    So you get yahoos slapping in a very ordinary appliance that has a SS facade, and jacking up the price. Waste of money if you ask me. At least they could have spent a little more and put in the JennAir professional with interchangeable cartridges if they didn’t want to commit to the professional ones. And these, with all the black on the stove and micro, are not very visually pleasing. With the white cabinets, i think white appliances would have looked a lot better.

    But don’t make the mistake of condemning all SS because of reno’s like this. Who wouldn’t love to have a Dacor, Thermador, Viking, Heartland, DCS, Wolf, Electrolux, or Bertazzoni professional SS range? A built in SS fridge?

    SS done right is a great thing. Done like this, a complete waste. It’s like drinking miller lite when there are Bell’s, Sierras, and Sams in the cooler.

  • That poor house looks like it was mauled. Where are the historic features? I wouldn’t by this for $599k or $499k. Someone will, but not me.

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