Good Deal or Not? Art Deco Building Edition


This condo is located at 1327 Randolph Street, NW:

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The flier says:

“NEW PRICE – MUST SEE!! Rich, contemporary finishes complement the open floorplan and two master suites!! Sip coffee or grill meals on the back terrace! Located in bustling Columbia Heights, this condo features glowing hardwood floors, stainless steal/granite kitchen, granite baths, and hardwired audio system. Walkscore gives 83 out of 100 – VERY WALKABLE!”

More info and photos found here.

I’ve always liked this building, I think I’ve posted the door before. The condo looks like it is on the ground floor or garden level. Do you think $395,000 sounds reasonable for this 2 bed/2 bath?

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  • Oh wow definitely not a good deal. I mean, it is pretty nice and it’s a pretty good location right by the Derby and a few blocks from the Petworth Metro but 400 is too much for ground-floor OR for only 900 sq ft in that location so it’s definitely too much for 900 sq ft on the ground floor.

    We looked at another 2br basement for $400k and that one hasn’t sold either, and it’s on the 1300 block of Park Rd :

  • I agree with anon, definitely not worth 400. While not particularly far from Petworth metro, I’d hardly call this location “bustling Columbia Heights.” It’s not too small for a 2 bedroom place, but not large, and being in the basement is a big detractor. Any of these things alone I think would keep from a 400K price point, despite the fairly nice finishes, and together, I’d say it’s more like a 300-325K place.

  • PoP, please show us some real house porn instead of these tiny dark places. When times are hard the masses need entertainment.

  • “Located in bustling Columbia Heights” my ass.

    Real estate listings should be wiki-fied, so that people who actually know something can keep the agents from getting away with this kind of misrepresentation.

  • Prince Of Petworth

    @MK house porn comes every Wed.

  • @WDC – I think that’s the greatest idea I’ve heard in a long while! Wiki-fy the real estate business!

  • I’ve always wondered why Redfin or Trulia or Zillow didn’t have a comments section, like a blog would, on each listing page.

  • The lack of light is depressing. Overpriced.

  • I also think realtor’s misrepresentations backfire. While I certainly accept that spin is a part of the game – that 250 sq ft place certainly is “cozy””low maintenance” “pied a terre” – I find myself insulted when faced with absurd claims (see: the state of the art appliances boasted about in the recent Georgetown row house posted last week).

    Like poor-quality photos in a virtual tour, the realtor sabotages the opporunity provided by Internet listings. Anyone who can read a map will see that this narrative is misleading – would make me question the rest of the seller’s claims as well.


    This place is JUNK!!!

  • Every couple of months I think about how I should probs buy a place and stop throwing money down the blackhole that is renting. But when I see listings like this I get depressed.

  • Lol.

    It’s always a bad sign when half the photos are of a neighborhood that’s not even close by.

  • Red Derby’s nice and all, but it is not enough to call a place a fantastic location. There is more to life than a drinking hole. And like anonymous said, it is quite telling that half of the photos in the listing are of the ‘neighborhood’ (loosely defined) and not of the property itself. Unfortunately for the sellers, I think they will find two master suites in a basement apartment doesn’t have much appeal in the marketplace.

  • It is highly unlikely the sellers will get an offer anywhere near their offer price. I suspect, if it moves, it would go for at least $50 to 75K less. Isn’t this 14th Street Heights, too–not Columbia Heights?

  • Reasonable location and nice surroundings, It’s a winner till you hear the full story.
    This will be a money loser as only a handful of people would pay that price.

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