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  • So sad! This was the first “date” place with my bf, and it was just perfect for an after-the-concert hole in the wall bit of grub.

  • I LOVE Ethiopian food, but there are just too many good injera joints within 2-3 blocks of that intersection. There is just no way that half of them can stay in business. Sorry to see Asmara go.

  • i’m not a fan of ethiopian and that area has so many ethiopian options. looking forward to its replacement.

  • Maybe it has something to do with the Eritrean restaurant that opened two doors down. They are not the bestest of friends.

  • It would be great to have a pre/post 9:30 Club destination with a better atmosphere than Duffy’s, I like their food but that place is just soulless.

  • Aww… when my id was expired and couldnt get drinks at 930, they always served me. I even put a twenty down and asked, “what does that get me.” nice bartender-ess replied with pouring two beers and two shots of brown someting for my friend and i.


  • not sad to see it close. went there once, and the service was horrible, the food was bad, and it was dirty. there are much better places serving much better food further down the block. survival of the fittest at its finest here…hopefully the location won’t stay vacant for long (it’s one hell of a spot)

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