Georgetown Riverfront Park Looks Great


We discussed this new park back in January but the summer sun really makes it look great. It is also a much larger park than I thought. And it’s not even totally finished yet:


But i really enjoyed sitting on a bench taking a breather with this view:


You can read more about the park here.

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  • The only part of Georgetown worth going to.

  • The park looks great, but I’ve always felt like this was a wasted opportunity. Even if they’d just built in limited amount of retail/restaurant/cafe/gallery/wifi-plaza (anything!) space in the park, it would have made it so much more vibrant and engaging. It doesn’t have to be over-developed, just better programmed. As it stands, as a passive park, it seems like a waste.

  • They should close off K Street below the Whitehurst and hold a big bazaar/farmer’s market in the summertime. The freeway above provides a nice measure of shade, and it’s an interesting space.

  • like georgetown doesn’t have enough retail?


    i think a park on the riverfront is a fantastic use of this property; there is a severe lack of open space in this section of georgetown and a huge amount of retail and offices. Very impressive that they finally got the parking lots out and this in.

    that said, I still miss the Bayou. That was a great place to see a band.

  • Vahoya, they already have what you envision on the other side of the park and it sucks……..Sequoia, Starbucks, and other retail at Washington “Harbour” (never got the Anglicized spelling….I guess it’s supposed to say “yup, I’m a real asshole”).

  • I don’t know if I agree — there’s plenty of retail space nearby at the Georgetown waterfront plaza and on any of the roads leading to M street (and on m street). The park is a great respite away from the buzz of Georgetown. Just ignore the overhead highway.

    I love the idea of closing down K street for a weekly market though.

  • Georgetown doesn’t get nearly the cred it deserves by the people on this blog. People should walk around bit OFF of M Street and see how many cool little shops there are. Hundreds. Including the three (or more) used book stores that so many on this blog pine for. It’s such a beautiful, world class neighborhood- and no, I don’t live there or have any association with it. I’m just impressed every time I go- give it a chance without judging everyone and everything instantly.

  • I think the park is lovely, the detailing and materials are nicely done, and as far as I can tell it is very popular. Its kind of amazing that you got that photo with no people in it, because whenever i”ve been there, there are people all over the lawns and benches, eating ice cream, walking their dogs, or just hanging out watching the river. It’s a great respite from the M Street bustle.

  • Personally I think a part overlooking the river is a great choice because it is a view that everyone can use and relax at without being “complicated” with buildings and the activity associated with what is in the building. Plus that area has enough retail and restaurants don’t think Georgetown could handle more.

  • This is a great addition to the area and I can’t wait until it’s completed. This isn’t a neighborhood that is starved for retail or restaurants so the waterfront promenade is a perfect use for the land, IMO.

    Also I agree 100% with SG, Georgetown may not be considered cool enough by some, but there a lot of unique small locally-owned shops, as well as cafes, bars, chain stores, movie theaters, access to C&O Canal and Capital Crescent Trail, etc. Plus they’ll soon have a kick-ass new Safeway. I don’t live there either (cuz I don’t have a million dollars), but it seems like the epitome of a vibrant city neighborhood.

  • Columbia Heights Boy is exactly what gives a lot of people in Petworth a bad name.

    “Georgetown is so yuppy and commercial!”

  • I’m not advocating getting rid of the open space or replicating Washington Harbour. I’m saying that the park needed active programming. You need things to engage people and bring them to the park besides just the space itself. Something like this:

    This could have been done with pavilion space, limited retail space (think a cafe/art gallery/kayak rental/etc.), space for a weekly farmers market, etc. There are tons of things that could have been done beyond just putting in the park.

    I lived in Gtown for several years and the original park was never that heavily utilized. I hope the expansion/improvement changes that, but I’m skeptical for now. What’s the point of a ton of open space if no one is there to enjoy it?

    It could have been better planned/executed – That’s my only point.

  • Great park! Where are the people???

  • I like Georgetown. Yes, I know the chances of getting mugged or beaten up there aren’t that great (although I have seen it happen) and it is relatively safe, which makes it uncool, but it is a nice, quiet place for respite from the rest of the city.

  • Do the benches in the park still have the journals for people to write in? That was pretty cool last year…

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