Friday Question of the Day – What Neighborhood Do you Live in?

Well, I was having a discussion about where readers are from and the last time I did this poll I left a lot of neighborhoods out. So forgive me for an admin FQoTD, and this may not work because there are too many options, but I’m super curious to get an idea where y’all are from?

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  • I think the question should be “where do you live?” and not “where are you from?” I suspect that many of us are not from the neighbourhoods where we now live.

  • Prince Of Petworth

    I thought about that, just fixed it, should show up in a few minutes. Thanks.

  • MD/VA suburbs is very broad. Listing a few counties might be more useful because Prince William and Prince Georges are very, very different.

    Also, one might work or own a business in Petworth, but not live there. That they follow POP would be a lot less random than someone from Chantilly keeping tabs on PoPville for the heck of it.

  • we need an “other” category, because my DC neighborhood isn’t on the list.

  • Prince Of Petworth

    Added, other category. It should show up in a few minutes.

  • I hope the thumb cat wins this poll

  • Baltimore? My sister is a fan – she likes gardens and doors and architecture and etc.

    But her default DC neighborhood would be where I live (and she visits) Mt Pleasant. She has her own Mt P roots – we lived a few years in the house on Kenyon St with the elephants on the roof.

  • Georgetown/Glover Park/Foggy Bottom? I think there needs to be a breakdown there. Its nearly two miles from parts of Glover Park to Foggy Bottom.
    Perhaps instead an “Other NW”, “Other NE” and other “SE”.

  • Park View and Pleasant Plains are two separate neighborhoods. Both unique.

    I live in Park View. Neighborhoods should not be lumped together if you want a meaningful survey. You’d also have to include boundaries for each.

    Poorly devised survey. The other groupings are really out there too.

  • I never know what hood I really am in (1400 block Swann). I usually say the cross streets instead. Shaw is so big….does the Logan Cir neighborhood have boundaries? And we’re in the Dupont ANC bu tI would never say Dupont. And no one knows what Borderstan means.

  • I love that “Other” option. Reminds me of my old student loan forms that had the following racial designations:

    -Mongoloid/Pacific Islander*

    *No. I’m not making this up.

  • Hi PoP,

    I’s say that pleasant plains really isn’t a functional neighborhood and should just be Columbia Heights. It seems to only range from maybe Sherman ave. to Georgia Ave, and from Euclid to maybe Kenyon.

    For those who disagree, you gotta agree that those on 11th feel they are in Columbia Heights, and those east of Georgia Ave are in Park View.

    In the past, the Pleasant Plains Civic Association went from at east Georgia Ave to 16th street and up to at least Kenyon. No more than a fraction of the people living inside these boundaries feel they’re in “Pleasant Plains” – or even know that it ever existed.

  • PoP – downtown isn’t on the list, so I just put Penn Quarter / Chinatown instead. I’ll be an Adams Morganer next year though!

    This is a really good map for neighborhoods:

  • Brightwood Park!

  • MD/VA suburbs get an option, and Baltimore city gets nothing? Don’t forget charm city! I had to click “other”.

  • Figures IMGoph would be complaining about this. “Help! IMGoph Circle isn’t on the list! Boo hoo!”

  • I’d TOTALLY live in IMGoph Circle!

  • I’m sure POP’s advertisers are really interested in this post.

    Maybe next time, it can be by zip code. I’m sure there are many apps out there that will turn zip code results into visual representations of population density.

  • Why are y’all getting so bent out of shape from a simple survey? JEEZ! Oh no, I technically live in 2 neighborhoods, which one shall I choose? …. flip a coin!

  • also, Shaw and U Street are not really the same–most people who would identify as living in the U St area are clustered between 11th and 18th near U, while Shaw is much more about 4th-9th between M and T???

  • I always thought I lived in Adams Morgan but apparently my street is apart of Lanier Heights. Who knew such a neighborhood exisited? I know I certainly didnt until a few months ago. I still tell people when they ask that I lived in Adams Morgan so I dont end up with the response: “Lanier what?”. I think its cool though how the readership breaks down…I a sucker for data!

  • Live in Logan Cir, work in Herndon VA 😛

  • I am not exactly sure where I live. I live directly adjacent to the west side of Ft Totten Park. I have heard people call it Petworth, I have heard people call it Brookland. It is in 20011, not that that matters.

    Work in Crystal City

  • I’m rather disappointed there aren’t more Duponters among PoP’s readership. Sort of confirms perceptions of us as snobs who aren’t interested in the goings-on of other neighborhoods. Ah well, some of us don’t fit the stereotype!

    You know what would be really interesting? To have people plot themselves on a map and say what neighborhood they consider themselves to live in. Because all these neighborhood boundaries are so subjective, as the above commenters have said. You could use the gradients to determine rough boundaries – for instance, in the blurry area between Petworth and Columbia Heights, on which blocks do people start identifying more with one than the other?

  • Poor Southwest, completely left off the list.

  • chizzler: what am i complaining about? i was just stating a fact. it sounds like you have a chip on your shoulder. maybe you should calm down and count to 10 before attacking other people.

    have a great day!

  • No love for my new digs in Southwest? Waterfront 4eva!

  • Jesus people, it’s an informal survey on a blog. Lighten up. Or maybe you can start complaining about ‘outsiders’ ‘taking over’ Wonderland some more…

  • wow y’all. ITS JUST A POLL.

  • Brightwood deserves its own spot. Crestwood and Brightwood are similar but very different and we deserve respect!

  • You know what sucks? Cars. Man. Everyone should ride a bike.

  • agreed with nichole! the sw waterfront area is great & I’m proud to call it home (I checked “other” on the survey).

  • i think you’d need to know PoP’s motives for the poll before chastising it!

  • Where’s Tivoli North!!??

  • oh! and PoP: do you have a moustache these days? i think i saw you walking down T st NW towards 14th (by St.Ex) earlier this week. It was like a real celebrity sighting… wow.

  • Cincinnati, Ohio isn’t on there….that is nonsense

  • lol at marshall

  • Surprised there aren’t more Mt P folks – where are all my neighbors?

  • I don’t think the “other” button is working.

  • Mal — thanks for the link, good map.

    PoP — as a regular reader and current Petworthian I am curious to the results. Good idea!

  • East of Petworth- I used to live at Webster and 1st Place NE. Brookland? Petworth? Not really. I had a map that showed a neighborhood name of Varnum for the area in question- the portion of 20011 on the east side of North Cap.

    Never heard a single person call it varnum, thogh

  • jl: i know you can’t trust everything you read on wikipedia, but i’d say you’re in pleasant hill. i’ve heard many people, including your ANC commissioner, use the name, so i know it’s not completely made up…

  • @East of Petworth — You live in Fort Totten. Which is just north of Pleasant Hill (as pointed out by @IMGoph).

    I live in East Harlem now, but when I lived in DC I lived in Petworth, but always felt it was such a big area. The name on our 1920s-era fourplexes said “Decatur Heights” — I always liked that name for our corner of Petworth.

  • Good grief. Where do you THINK you live, put that. People are way too serious about exact neighborhood delineation here! Regardless, it’s all PoPville!

  • Our website allows you to look up what neighborhood boundary you are in by entering your postal address:

    Use the mashup in the grey box on the right.

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