Free Drink Samples (and Shoe Shines) at Room 11 Tonight 5:30-7:30


Room 11, located at 11th and Lamont, is hosting an event sponsored by Hendrick’s Gin tonight. Here’s the details:

“The No Rush Hour Society Presents
A Hendrick’s Gin Happy Hour at
Room 11
3234 11th St NW (at Lamont St)
Washington, DC 20010
(4 blocks from the Columbia Heights Metro Stop on the Green Line)
From 5:30 to 7:30 pm on Wednesday, September 16,
Join us for free samples of Hendrick’s, an iconoclastically produced small batch gin distilled in Ayreshire, Scotland.
Enjoy cocktails such as the Floradora and the Hendrick’s & Tonic as well as complimentary shoeshines courtesy of Hendrick’s Gin!”

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  • what, no complimentary dry cleaning, courtesy of hendricks?

  • Why, how delightful.

  • I am so there! Is it bad that my 5 year old goddaughter uses the expression “It’s all fried chicken and gin” for anything really good? Although I have a visceral revulsion to anything “iconoclastically produced,” I do need a shoeshine.

    And gin was a lynchpin of the industrial revolution, making soul-crushing factory labor bearable, so I’ll drink to that.

  • I highly recommend this Gin. It’s flavored is enhanced with cucumber & rose petals. And, while this may sound a lil’ froo-froo to some people, the quality gin taste is not compromised by the addition. If anything, it gives it a more complex and sophisticated flavor. Give it a try. And, before anyone asks….no, I don’t work for Hendrick’s or Room 11 lol.

  • I also recommend Hendrick’s. Maybe my favorite gin. Sad I’ve already got plans or I would be here in a heartbeat.

  • I’ll be there!

  • “iconoclastically produced” gin? What’s that?
    What icons are there in gin production? I should think that if they are proud of their gin they are NOT breaking the icons of gin making.

  • I was really excited… then disappointed… if it were tomorrow, i’d DEFINITELY be there.
    gin is my favorite liquor, and i could sure use a shoe (boot?) shining

  • I’ll be there. I LOVE Hendrick’s Gin, and I’m bringing along a whole bag of dress shoes for the shineboy to take care of.

    Question: Will Room 11 have a shineboy at other times as well, or is this a one-time-only deal?

  • Nate,

    It is Hendrick’s Gin itself that makes your shoes look shiny. There is no shineboy.

  • @ my wife – Sarah what the hell, you said you’d be home dusting my bannisters tonight!!!

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