Fiesta DC in Mt. P Filled With Good Times and Tons of People


I can’t believe this is the first Fiesta DC I’ve attended. It was a blast. There was tons of good food, music, parades and most importantly good vibes. My only problem was that it was perhaps a bit too crowded. As I’m only 5’6″ on a good day I had a tough time seeing the parade. Besides the parade and great food, I’d say my highlight was winning a Goya baseball cap. What’d you guys think? Good times? What was your favorite part?

Stay tuned for an Ojo Latino also featuring the Fiesta.


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  • Good eats!! And music. It was my first time too – in 17years. I will be a regular now.

  • We made our way to the festival around 3 and it was CROWDED. we tried to make our way from one end to the other and after only a few minutes, we felt like cattle slowly being hearded through a field. Almost 45 minutes had passed and we’d barely made it halfway down. I would have enjoyed it more had it not been so crowded. Looks like it was a great success though!

  • Lovely photos! It was also my first time attending, and I’m definitely going back again next year!

  • tip for next year (I’m sure Lauren was not the only one with the same problem) — if you want to walk down the full length of the Festival, use 17th St to walk in between blocks (it’s only half a block to the west of Mt P St). I found it to be the only sane way to make it from Lamont & Mt P St down to Kenyon. As for the festival, it was great — I only wish I had gotten there a little earlier to catch the first half of the parade!

  • Fiesta DC was a blast, and I was very thankful for the bilingual parade announcer at Kilbourne & Mt. P St. Thanks to the Fiesta DC organizers and Mt. P community for hosting, but next year I hope you will consider ways to improve the pedestrian experience. (Suggestion – maybe only one side of Mt. P should have vendor stalls.)

  • I don’t know about anyone else, but I for one am very glad that I wasted 4 hours of my life yesterday watching the Skins embarrass themselves instead of eating assorted grilled meats in sunny weather.

  • Thanks for the suggestion! I’ll keep that mind for next time!

  • Got ripped off buying tacos. motherf*cker insisted tacos+coconut juice+elotes = 17 dollars right before I watched him charge a guy 20 dollars for almost twice that. Have a mind to complain to the city about this.

  • Goya baseball hat huh? I got an Inca Cola freesbee and a Western Union pen!!!

    Good times,


  • I was wondering why I coudln’t park on my street yesterday and had to drive around to find one two blocks down. The streets were coverd with with MD and VA cars.

  • BAH HUMBUG!! It was not a glorious day for the residents of the surrounding neighborhoods who couldn’t find a parking space that afternoon! I live in the Chalfonte and drove around FOR AN HOUR, about 1:30 pm, trying to find a parking space after working all morning. Every yahoo from VA and MD were parking in my neighborhood, and i mean parking EVERYWHERE. I couldn’t even park in an illegal spot temporarily because even those were taken. I finally found a space about five blocks away! I have a friend who lives in the Embassy Apts at the corner of Mt Pleasant and Harvard and he said he had to park over near Harris Teeter!

    So a BAH HUMBUG and CURSES on Fiesta Day.

  • Those who complain about a festival being crowded are useless to the core and have never been to a good party, much like some of the feudal residents of MtP who worship Irving street and drive around in circles on Sundays, apparently, and are above taking public transportation, though they demand everyone else do. It is remarkable how privileged white people are inclined to complain about something.

    The cone-shaped grill is a Colombian Parrilla para asado. They came down from New Jersey. The women’s samba band, the Salvadorian marching band and the Guatemalan procession were tip-top. I am proud to reside in a community that hosts such a good time.

    ShawRes: You are right to call the city. Go to the DCRA and get an attorney. Specify what kind of taco it was. Good luck. Hold a press conference too.

  • Michael.
    Consider familiarizing yourself with the goings-on in your community, especially a yearly icon MtP festival that draws about 1000 people and plan accordingly. You live in a city and need to make concessions rather than selfishly condemning the festival because of a petty parking spot.

  • There were way more than 1,000 people there. And those of you who are complaining about the overcrowding on Mt. Pleasant St. need not worry. I spoke to one of the organizers yesterday and there is almost ZERO chance that Fiesta DC will be held in Mt. Pleasant next year.

  • The “green” location for 2010 would be to have it down near Constitution/Pennsylvania and 3rd (where the yearly Gay Pride festival is) since it is closer to more metro lines. Being in the shadow of the Capitol building would be very empowring…

  • Oh nos! Why not Rojer?

    Also- the spinning meat cone thinger is my favorite part of Fiesta DC every year, for the record.

  • it is remarkable how privileged white people are inclined to complain about something.

    it is unbelievable to me that you don’t recognized how privileged the Latin community is in Mt Pleasant. Whose parade was it again? oh yes, you’re wrong and apology accepted! sheesh!

    There was no interest in having the parade in Mt Pleasant St because of the size of the parade, it was supposed to be on 14th St. Mt Pleasant came to the rescue of Fiesta DC at the last minute and Mt Pleasant bent over backwards to assist them, provide them with money, permits and facilities and the Mt Pleasant power structure deserves all the praise for this event working.

    It’s way too big for the street though, and unless the organizers screw up next year as badly as they did this year then of course it won’t be back in Mt Pleasant- it belongs on PA Ave.

  • Rojer -I hope you will elaborate about why the festival won’t be in Mount Pleasant next year. From my vantagepoint the festival is why I live in DC and thankfully close enough to walk (4 blocks) this year. A fantastic cultural day with music, food, colorfully dressed authentic latin musicians, sun, and plenty of fun attendees to talk with. Watched some football at Tonic and walked right out for some good latin food and drink. I left hoping we could come back next year.

    To the complainers -the reason it was hard to park or walk around was because soo many people participated with smiles on their faces. Freakin park 10 blocks away on a 75 degree sunny day so others can celebrate their culture and the rest of us can watch, learn and enjoy. Perhaps you’d prefer driving to someone else’s neighborhood and have them inconvenienced while you hopefully find parking in front of their homes. You know, the latin areas of town with mansions and circular driveways.

  • We pay $200k for this? Obviously the vendors are making a ton of money off this, why does it need to be propped up with taxpayers’ money?

  • Seems like 14th street could handle it. I would like to see this stay somewhere close by rather than shipping it downtown.

    Parking stunk for sure, but plenty of spots could be found between 14th and 13th on a lot of cross streets. I for one was happy to see so many people come into our area, spend money and have a good time.

  • You really had to drive around FOR AN HOUR? Why didn’t you just go a few blocks farther away and walk for 5 or 10 minutes instead of driving around for an hour?

    Things that make you go ummm…..

  • The organizers didn’t intend on holding the festival in Mt. Pleasant this year in the first place. As others have mentioned, their first choice was 14th St., but that location was shot down with little time to find another suitable space, other than the area that had been used previously. I could be wrong, but I believe 14th is out of the question due to its status as an emergency evacuation route. I have no idea where it will be held next year. It has simply become so popular that it has outgrown its current setting.

  • Might I suggest the rowhouse at 3687 5th Street NW? There are already about 25 Salvadorian families living there. If they take the sofa out of the front room I bet the fiesta will fit.

  • Neener, Please explain to me how the Latin Community is privileged in MtP. The burned out apartment building and empty storefronts suggest otherwise. Privileged in that they are able to reside and work here are or that they are given fundamental civic rights to organize a parade?

    The Latino community is the backbone of this city’s (and others’) manual/labor workforce and work harder than you do without the privilege of being integrated and accepted like other citizens, though feel free to rebut with the token loiterers on MtP street, as if there are no other citizens not contributing to the city anywhere else in the district.

  • I always thought that moving the festival to 14th Street was a stupid idea. 14th is a major thoroughfare. closing it down would cause A LOT more congestion than closing MtP Street. I think a possible solution for next year would be to expand the festival to include a portion of Columbia Road between MtP Street to 17th or 18th.

  • A great day, indeed. Great music, great carne asada, and great Mexico-city style Tortas. There’s my neighbors kid in traditional regalia (and she’s from the neighborhood, not MD/VA).

    I won a Planned Parenthood hat for my daughter by answering questions about STD’s!

  • “New Location Says:

    September 28th, 2009 at 11:53 am
    Might I suggest the rowhouse at 3687 5th Street NW? There are already about 25 Salvadorian families living there. If they take the sofa out of the front room I bet the fiesta will fit.”

    Is that supposed to be funny?

  • saf

    Nestor (sorry dud, I cannot figure out how to make accents properly) – That was my reaction too.

    New Location – not cool, IMO.

  • saf

    Dude. Not dud. Nestor is not a dud, as far as I know.

  • I don’t know why they can’t do it on 14th St. They have the Caribbean Carnival parade on Georgia every year, and that’s less metro accessible. I’d hate for the Fiesta to move downtown.

    The whining about parking makes me chuckle. Why on earth did you people move to Mt. P? There’s plenty of areas in and around DC that are much quieter and have better parking.

  • Saf, definetely DUDE not a dud ahahahhahahahaha.

    Well here is my two centavos, before anyone crucifies me let me state that I’ve been living on Mt. Pleasant for two years and I plan to eventually return to my native country. I do not understand why people complain so much about parking and crowds ONE DAY A YEAR, the same whining about the DC Caribbean Festival (which was great), everyone seemed to have a great time yesterday but I guess some of you missed that. One of the great things about living in the city is the diversity that can be found, and I am referring to any city in this place we call our world.

    Muchos saludos y abrazos a todos mis hermanos y hermanas que disfrutaron, al igual que yo, la Fiesta DC el día de ayer.


    Néstor Sánchez Cordero

  • “One of the great things about living in the city is the diversity that can be found, and I am referring to any city in this place we call our world.”

    Salt Lake City?

  • Salvadoran, not Salvadorian

  • New Location: why so ugly? the festival is so beautiful and interesting plus as some one stated previously,so nice to see smiling faces. with such a short time to organize the planners did well. as for next year… with more time to plan im sure some of the current issues could be resolved. iti s one day, of VERY difficult parking insteads of the ususal DIFFICULT parking up here in mtpl……….. please just deal!

  • Anon 2:23: I heard that you need to sign a waiver if you go into a bar to get a drink in Salt Lake City….

  • There are some joyless, soulless people in DC. Festivals help alleviate that.

    I will be moving from the Embassy in a few weeks. I’ve watched the last 3 from my balcony. No, I can’t move my car, but it’s only one day. I’ll miss having the party come to me.

    I also want to plug my girls from Batala!

  • Nestor: Not sure about SLC, but some localities still do require a “membership” to be purchased before you can drink (a lot of dry counties in Texas are like this). It’s a hold-over from the post-prohibition days when a lot of states still had restrictive alcohol laws.

    I am a proud member of several drinking clubs including the now defunct Captain Shorty’s in Cut’n’Shoot, Texas.

  • I’m sorry I missed it this year. I’ve been many years in the past and it is one of DC’s best festivals. We should be celebrating the city’s different cultures and peoples, not complaining about parking and crowds. This is the stuff that keeps a city vibrant and exciting and fun and interesting. If you want plenty of parking and no crowds and order and neatness and everything in its place, there are suburbs out there for you.

  • Bonitas fotos, mi favorita es la primera. Me hubiese encantado estar allí entre banderas latinoamericanas, desfilando en la calle de MtP con toda esa gente bella divertida. Y que se repita! Asi sea una vez al año…

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