End of the Day – Good News, Bad News and Worse News

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Back in June Nichole wrote about the Hines Redevelopment Proposals for the 7th and Pennsylvania SE, redevelopment of the Hine Jr. High site. The Mayor issued a press release announcing Stanton-EastBanc as the winner. The press release says:

“Stanton-EastBanc’s proposal calls for about 510,000 square feet of total development at the site. It will include more than 200,000 square feet of office space – about 62,000 square feet set aside to move the nonprofit International Relief and Development and its 200 employees from Virginia to a new headquarters in the District. The project is also set to include about 150 apartments, 60,000 square feet of neighborhood-serving retail and restaurants, consolidation of the Shakespeare Theatre Company’s operations and 150 parking spaces.

Stanton-EastBanc did not request any subsidy from the District for the project. The project could break ground as soon as 2011.”

Now for the Bad News:

Back in August we looked at the proposed development of the Giant and surrounding area on Wisconsin Ave by Newark St. City Desk reports:

“Work at the Friendship Shopping Center site will now be delayed – again. Sharon Robinson, a consultant to the project, said the appeal, while not unexpected, “is subject to a judicial process that will likely take two years or more to complete.” But Giant doesn’t have plans to back down; it “remains committed to the project.””

And sorry to end on this but it is worse news:

WJLA news reports:

“A man was stabbed in front of an apartment building in D.C.’s Adams Morgan neighborhood Monday night, authorities say. The incident occurred around 6:30 p.m. in the 2600 block of Adams Mill Road NW.”

They say the man stabbed in the stomach is expected to survive and the assailant has not yet been caught.

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  • Maybe people walking around Adams Morgan should start carrying Samurai swords. It seems to be all the rage in Bulletmore, Murderland.


  • In the area of more bad news, there was also a woman shot on H St. yesterday in the middle of the day by a guy in a wheelchair. From what I’ve heard, the guy isn’t actually wheelchair bound at all, is quite possibly part of the same group that was responsible for holding up the diner guys, and the shooting wasn’t random.

  • Weird, those are some of the nicer buildings in the neighborhood. Luckily I only go down that street with my viscious attack labrador.

  • Yikes! That stab-ee could have been any one of a dozen people I know, hope he recovers OK. Better call the house (Hello? Were you stabbed today?)

  • The following was sent out on the 3D Substation listserv by Commander Kucik:

    “On September 14 , 2009, at about 6:30 PM a subject was stabbed while in an alley near the 2600 block of Adams Mill road. The victim knew his attackers and 2 arrests were made. The victim suffered non life threatening injuries. The assault occurred after an argument.”

  • My guess was the Adams Morgan stabbing was some dirtbag-on-dirtbag thing and the MPD email prretty much confirms this. I’m more concerned lately about the huge almost-daily armed robberies of pedestrians from 12th-14th & S-T Streets. Sooner or later one of these is going to go ‘bad’.

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