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  • I dunno, kinda reminds me of a psych ward or cell block.

  • An attempt to retrofit modern details into Victorian architecture. It doesn’t work on the exterior of homes. Also, that filthy brick needs attention or it is going to become an issue.

  • I’ve often wondered, what does one do to clean a brick facade? Can you just rent a pressure washer?

    Also, I’m not crazy about the mixing of modern and old on this one, either.

  • I like it. I think it looks sharp.

  • I wonder if the mail man gets confused?

  • I think it looks great!

  • No! Queen Anne Style is all about large windows, bright colors, and elaborate details.
    Think elaborate and flamboyant…. with an upward tendency, if an opening is narrow it should be tall.

    This is completely the opposite.

    Also the metal fixtures should be heavy gold/brass colors, or painted black.
    The wood should be either white, or flamboyantly bright colors.

  • The cold, sterile stainless fixtures (or nickel-plated) are a complete 180 from the warm and handsome Richardsonian Romesque style here. As Lee stated above, brass or black would have been far better. A lot of these old RR houses had two narrow french doors entering into a vestibule – that would be nice on this house.

  • I’ll add that painting everything battleship gray is acceptable in times of war,
    in the theme of WWII-era patriotic sobriety and sacrifice.

    This door looks like a depressed cheese grater.

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