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Looks like we may be reaching the end of mosquito season, but I just noticed this spot in Mt. Pleasant last weekend. I’ve never seen mosquito netting on a porch before. I fear that it would just capture mosquitos on the inside. Anyone know if this works? Do you think it is an eyesore? I’m still a supporter of greasing up with Skin So Soft or applying copious amounts of Deet…

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  • Yeah… about as well as windows without screens…

  • Don’t like the netting.

  • i think it is more about privacy….

  • Good question – I wanted to get some mosquito curtains from but my husband said it would be rude and off putting to the neighbors if they were on their porch. And it would seem as if we didn’t want to communicate with them. I just didn’t want to get bitten while I drank my wine out on the porch or have to continually bathe myself with bug repellant. They also have a number of attachment tools, including powerful magnets, marine snaps, stiffening fiberglass rods, and elastic cord, to secure the sides and base of your curtain.

  • But back in the day, DC was the yellow fever capital of the east coast. As late as thr early 1900s, the British used to give their diplomats tropical hazard pay…

  • I think this is fashion and not function…

  • You can get outdoor curtains like these at Plow & Hearth (& other places). I’ve seen this house before, most of the time the curtains are drawn back so you don’t notice them.

  • This house is on Ingleside Terrace in Mt. Pleasant. There used to be a little sign out front saying the net came from, I guess because the residents got questions. Every time I’ve walked by the entrance to the net has been open so that probably impacts its effectiveness but I can definitely see the appeal. I have one of these things — — and it works pretty well, though it’s kind of a pain to drag out the fan.

  • I bet it would be less expensive (especially in the long term) and more effective to install a ceiling fan in your porch. Skeeters don’t like moving air.

  • I think it looks cool in a sort of “Out of Africa” way.

  • except DEET’s been shown recently to cause neurological damage

  • Face it, you are powerless against the mozzies. Bow!!!

  • We installed a ceiling fan on our porch, which helps. Combine that with a box fan to keep them off your ankles and my mosquito-sensitive wife is relatively happy.

  • Island or beach cabana translucent sun screens swaying in the wind lend to a tropical feel of somewhere you’re not.

    It does function here as a summer sun screen.

  • The diplomatic “hazard pay” story has been well debunked and I’m doubtful about DC being yellow fever capital, but we did have plenty of malaria, which actually was one of the factors in the development of Mt. Pleasant and Columbia Heights. (Higher elevation, less standing water, more breezes = fewer mosquitos. Less population density= reduced oppourtunity for transmission. )

    Malaria was actually endemic throughout the country as it isn’t really a tropical disease as much as a population concentration disease. It was basically eliminated in the 1950s with a combination of window screening and vigorous spraying of DDT.

  • Mosquito netting works if there are plenty of folds and overlaps at the edges to keep the bugs from getting through. At the floor the nettings should pool into layers that the mosquitos can’t get through. At corners and edges, sheets of material should overlap.

    As it is used in the case pictured, it only offers privacy and aesthetic benefits.

  • Victoria–debunked? hazard pay maybe, I’d say most diplomats saw DC as a cesspool likely well into the 1960s, and then a shooting gallery in the go go Barry 80s. As for yellow fever, check your books. There were outbreaks there, in Baltimore and bad one in Philadelphia in the years after the American Revolution. Then came cholera. LOL

  • I read somewhere that dryer sheets repel mosquitoes. I haven’t tried this outside as of yet, but I kept having them buzz my ears and biting me in my sleep at night so I tied a few to my bed frame around where I sleep and I don’t remember it being a problem after that. Plus they smell nice!

  • I agree with the ceiling fan idea. It works, and it makes hot afternoons/evenings much more pleasant

  • Yes! Dryer sheets do work – I forgot all about that, but I used to stick dryer sheets in my back pocket or shirt pocket if I was going to be outside. Still get a bite or two, but much better than being eaten alive as I usually am!

  • we have the curtains on our house. Got them at Ikea for really cheap. They work pretty well along with the fan we use. We had to clip them together at all of the seams because of the wind. Not perfect, but I would use them again next year.

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