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“Dear PoP,

I have noticed that you’ve got a couple of yoga studio sponsors and wondered if reader reviews of local yoga studios might be a good topic for discussion. I am a beginner who has never taken a class but I’d like to get into some yoga and pilates. I don’t know my ashtanga from my bikram. Honestly I am a working mom who likes to get out of town on weekends so it’s been really hard to find the time.

Also, I once found online a yoga studio that was offering a parent-toddler yoga class that sounded like fun but I now can’t
remember/find the listing. If it rings any bells let me know!”

I’ll open up this up to you guys. I know yoga studios have exploded all over the city so there has to be one with a parent-toddler class. Anyone know? What’s your favorite in the city?

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  • I think it is all about the instructor, not the studio. That said… I frequent Flow Yoga on P Street NW and I like their online reservation system. I love Jessica Lazar’s and Leticia Franchi’s classes in particular. They are very upbeat, fun, and somewhat challenging, which is what I enjoy. There are other instructors at Flow who teach at the same level that I don’t enjoy as much. My advice is to try out a lot of classes that are convenient to you before settling on one thing.

  • Hey, Yoga Mom!

    Yoga House,, is right here in Petworth — only 1 block south of the metro on Georgia, and offers Mom and baby classes from 2-3 on Tuesdays. There are some great classes for beginners – the Thursday night Kundalini class and 10:30 am Saturday gentle flow yoga are great places to start, and lots of styles for all levels.

    It’s a warm and welcoming community – all are welcome!


    (Vinyasa, 7:00 Mondays)

  • I really recommend Yoga House. I started going there a couple of years ago and had never done any kind of yoga before. That can be kind of intimidating but I found Yoga House to be a very welcoming environment and I got a lot out of the classes there.

  • I no longer live in DC, but I dearly miss my yoga studios. I used to go to City Fitness but that’s in the ‘burbs in Cleveland Park, but the instructors are awesome. If you are new, stay away from the power classes initially and do the flow. Also, I learned Ashtanga yoga at the Ashtanga Yoga Center right across from the Tenleytown metro on Wisconsin (again in the burbs), but superb instruction. I don’t think you can go wrong with any of these suggestions! Namaste.

  • Yoga House is great, especially for Kundalini. Other options–including kids and even childcare–check out Yoga Chai in Adams Morgan. Circle Yoga at Chevy Chase Circle has a ton of kids programming. Yoga District has a wide variety of classes (no kids stuff though) and is very affordable.

  • That’s probably the first time I’ve ever seen Redneck Yoga captured on film. The case of PBR and the boombox playing a Hank Williams, Jr. tape are just out of frame.

  • Studio is *somewhat* irrelevant other than location. You need to find an instructor and/or practice you like. I went to Inspire on 11th and U for years, it was good thought classes never started on time. I go to Flow on 14th and P now, crowded, and also has a problem with starting on time. Flow has started a daily (almost) ashtanga class, which is what I do and for some strange reason not all that common in dc. If you like ashtanga, Gail is the bomb.

  • I studied Iyengar as a beginner, and really love the attention to alignment; instructors tend to give a lot of personal attention so that each student experiences the pose correctly and the use of props is encouraged so everyone, limber or no, can get the full benefit of a headstand, forward bend, triangle pose, etc. Unity Woods is one of the best Iyengar (if not the best per some yoga publications) studios in the country. They are in Woodley Park, with other locations in the area.

  • Looks like I need to check out “Yoga House”… Right now I go to “Quiet Mind” on 14th Street and they are fantastic. I also saw that they have a mommy&me class so if you are interested in that check them out.

  • Tranquil Space ( has three studios in the area and offer many classes throughout the entire day. They offer a “newbie” yoga class to teach you the basics and also have a “mommy and me” class. Tranquil Space is vinyasa (or flow) yoga. I have been going for the past year and a half and I love it.

    I agree with JV that you need to find an instructor you enjoy. I definitely have ones I prefer over others.

  • Quiet Mind is starting a Mommy & Me and a Prenatal class this week. I am going to the prenatal – hasn’t started yet, but I am excited!

  • I find many yoga studios to be way too hot (and I’m not talking about Bikram studios). Does anyone know of any in the area that do not keep the temperature in the high-70s?

  • Hey fake Eric in Ledroit at 7:19 – get over yourself. I’m flattered, but grow up.

  • I’m an Inspired Yoga devotee – they recently moved to the Josephine Butler Center on 15th across from the park. It’s definitely a more invigorating, good workout type of class vs slow and calming. They have a very good intro to yoga series but they don’t offer anything with kids. And their classes have always started on time in my experience, and I’ve been going there over two years. Though – they definitely keep the temperatures warmer but I’ve come to enjoy that. Sweating is a good thing.

  • Yoga District is a great place for yoga — dedicated instructors who really follow through from week to week, so it feels less disjointed than I’ve previously experienced at other studios (and especially at gyms). Located in Bloomingdale (at 1st and I think S), Dupont circle, and at 14th St (at T I think). I’ve only been to Bloomingdale’s studio, because it’s practically next door to me. I like their Flow yoga classes on weekend mornings, and also their heated yoga wednesdays. It’s also incredibly affordable. I don’t know how they do it.

  • ditto on yoga district bloomingdale!!

  • Hi all. This is Kelly, the owner of Past Tense studio in Mt. P.

    There are a ton of great studios in the city — Flow, Quiet Mind, Yoga District that were already mentioned. And most — maybe all — offer introductory rates. We offer an unlimited, ten-day trial for $20. We want you to be able to try a lot of different instructors and times and styles so you can find what’s right for you. I would suggest trying the introductory rates at a few different studios and find the one that suits your needs. Which one has the vibe, class times and teachers that work for you.

    Since you asked about some specifics, I’ll throw out a few things we offer. We have a pilates class on Friday mornings at 9:00 a.m. We’ll be offering an eight-week prenatal series beginning October 4. We have Baby & Me and Tots & Me coming up at the end of the month. And, we have an after-school yoga program for older kids. Om School starts the week of September 28th.

    Kids are great, but we primarily serve adults. We have a once-a-month Virgin Yoga class and lots of Level 1 offerings for newbies. We have a Happy Hour class on Fridays to start your weekend off right and then a Detox on Sunday nights to get you ready for the week. As you might be able to tell we try and have a lot of fun with our practice. You can see all of the options on our schedule at

    Hope you’ll give us a try in your search for a studio.


  • Really strange this Dear PoP came today. I just got my MRI results on my knee (partial tear on the medial retinaculum something something) and a co-worker suggested I check out Megan Davis at Flow Yoga – she has a special interest in working with people who have injuries – – already signed up for tomorrow night @8pm if anyone wants to join! It’s my first class at Flow and I’m a little nervous since I haven’t practiced yoga in over a year 🙁

    Sorry I can’t recommend a Mommy&Me class… I agree with Kelly @ 1102 – try out a few introductory rates and find an instructor you really love at a location convenient to you.

  • Hi all–I’m a teacher at Yoga District, and I’d like to answer the “how do we do” it question above. Yoga District is a community-run studio, and the teachers all have a commitment to making yoga affordable and accessible to all. We all pitch in to help keep the studio going, and there’s a fairly large student base so word is really getting out about it.

    There are 3 locations, and the schedule is extremely varied. We definitely don’t earn the big bucks teaching there, but I personally feel really good about the ability to reach out beyond the population that has generally been able to take yoga classes.

  • I’ve recently started going to Yoga District (at the 14th & T studio, though I’ve been meaning to try Bloomingdale as well), and I think they are great! As others have said, very reasonably priced, and it’s so cool that they do community outreach (see here: As someone who has done some yoga in the past but is by no means a veteran, I have felt they are very welcoming and willing to accommodate different people’s levels of knowledge and ability in the more introductory-level classes.

  • I am a big fan of Quiet Mind. Nice space, nice owner. Good vibe all around.

  • Looks like Yoga Chai is taking the prize for working parent-friendliness. They have baby, Tot and Tyke & Me classes on WEEKENDS (big props, yes, some of us mommies do have day jobs) AND they offer a session of morning childcare so you can take yoga weekday mornings at 9:30. Boo-yah.

  • I have been to a bunch of yoga studios in DC, yoga house is the best!

  • I’ve tried a number of the places listed – some great, some not so great.

    Iyengar is the kind of yoga that works for me – as M said above, the emphasis is on correct alignment of all parts of the body during each asana. The certification process for Iyengar teachers is rigorous. I’m fortunate in that Unity Woods, one of the top Iyengar studios in the country, is based in DC. I take classes with Carolyn and Rocky at their Woodley Park studio.

    Friends in Takoma Park/Silver Spring go to Willow Street Yoga – they teach Anusara yoga. And I love Kyra’s classes at Inspired Yoga (need to check out their new studio!)

  • I love both Quiet Mind and Boundless Yoga. I think it partly matters what style you like, what classes you like, what teachers you like, and where they are.

    Boundless and Quiet Mind are both alignment focused, which is very very important.

    I know the owner of Boundless is about to have a baby, so right now there’s a prenatal class, but maybe she’ll want to have a parent and me class when she has her baby.

  • Mal, Megan Davis is my teacher and she is amazing. She is doing a Feet and Knees workshop this weekend that I highly recommend you go to (130-430pm: check the website —

    Baby and Me yoga is available at YogaChai where I teach: Autumn is awesome. When you go to the online schedule, be sure to click on Kids Yoga to get all the offerings.

    Studios I recommend in general NW DC: Flow, Boundless, YogaChai, UnityWoods. But you have to experiment with teachers. What works for you is unique.

  • I with U Street Girl, I like Inspired yoga, previously at 11th+U and now at the Butler center on 15th st. I’ve always liked the classes – the owner, Kyra, is a master – and I even went on a retreat with them to Jamaica that was a taste of nirvana. I’m a dude too, athletic but not particularly flexible, and Inspired has been good for me.

  • I have been going to Inspired Yoga for about 4 months now. I started as a beginner and always enjoyed the supportive environmental that Kyra creates in her studio. And they are having a huge special right now — 100 One Month Unlimited Pass and a free yoga rug to boot! I would recommend Inspired to ANYONE who was just starting yoga.

  • No matter where the studio, how cool, how good the instructor – I’m afraid that DAILY PRACTICE is the key.
    This is something that most yoga students struggle with both in terms of dicipline and remembering what to do…

    We’ve built a large library of Free yoga videos to help with your daily practice over at – please spread the word…

  • You can download podcasts from Kyra at Inspired Yoga. Also Yoga Today has free streaming videos (class changes every week).

  • I agree it is about the class and connection with the teacher. It’s a little further away but Shakti is a great studio on 7th. Faith & Ieshia are incredible. I also like Yayel(?) at Quiet Mind. I also took her class when she taught at Inspired. Inspired’s new space is wonderful but I’m switching studios because the variety of teachers is gone. I have not had a positive connection with the teacher who is primary on the schedule.It seems other people think highly of her so maybe I’ll give Inspired one more chance. Boundless is also good and I’m looking forward to trying Flow and Past Tense.

  • Hey yoga enthusiasts, I am a yoga teacher and teach at a number of studios and have taken workshops at quite a few. One of my faves is also Yoga District. I teach at the Dupont and 14th and T locations. We are committed to making yoga accessible to everyone. The studio are spacious and really have a neighborhood feel.

    I also teach at one of the areas best kept secrets which is The Still Point in Takoma Park, MD. It is a very zen wellness center with a Gathering Space that makes for a lovely studio. Carolyn Bluemle from Unity also teaches there. Check out

    Anyone have experience at Serenity in Adams Morgan? Namaste

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