Dear PoP – Who Can Build a Garage Door?

garageexample, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

“Dear PoP,

I hope you can help me out. I live in Columbia Heights on Kenyon Street. I have been searching high and wide to find someone that can build me a garage door structure that would hold a garage door. I have attached a picture of someone in Petworth. You probably have seen these types of structures for they are littered in most alleys through out the city.

I can not find anyone that has built one and would love if you could post a link about this and let me know who to talk to.”

Anyone have a garage door like this? Any recommendations of who can build one?

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  • I echo the same, except I’d like to see more example photos and builder lists for metal carports with cool doors. I saw a great metal structure today over at the community garden at 14th and Taylor. There is a cool metal carport down on S St NW between 5th and 6th. I’d like to know the specs for the footings, square metal posts, steel I beams, and metal or concrete roof sheating so that it can not only withstand the elements but host a roof party as well!

  • Try David Wadel – 703-477-7488. He does garage doors, and has done beautiful work for me and a couple of my neighbors. If he can’t do it, he’ll tell you who can.

  • I think that picture is of my house…but the garage was built by the previous owner

  • I have a similar structure I installed about 4 years ago. You first need to contact a company that will install the door and get their specs, then find a carpenter. I would recommend my guy, but he is semi-retired and said mine was the last “big” job he wanted to do.

    if you install an garage door opener, your biggest pain will be to keep the motor dry in heavy rain. We built a housing around our motor but try as we might, that sucker still gets wet when we have a strong soaking downpour.

  • We’re thinking of putting in one of these into our backyard but also incorporating it into a Pergola-type structure with vines growing on it.

    How much did you pay to have it done?

  • “N Pooner and sons” does a lot of them you see their name a lot in alleys in Shaw and U street- they install steel support beams, metal door, and opening equipment. You need electricity out there, which they don’t do. It was a lot more expensive than we thought – something like 7 or 8 K if I remember correctly, but their work is extremely solid. Not very pretty though.

    (202) 737-0600

  • Pooner, as [email protected]:30 said. They are not cheap, but they are the real deal. They do not do electricity, but they work with an electrician who can hook you up . . . so to speak.

  • Hi, the picture is my garage door. It was installed by Mid Atlantic Garage Door. Their contact number is 240-882-2477. They were great and responsive for our needs.

  • John, how much did you pay total? Did they arrange for all of the electrical work too?

  • It was installed right before we bought the house. I do not know the pricing, but I believe they did do the electrical work. We used them for a couple of repairs to self-inflicted injuries to the door.

  • Hi,

    Thank you for all the responses and feedback. This is a follow up question for John and anyone else that has a garage like the one in the picture. I am wondering how well your door works. In other words do you have any problems with it opening, closing, coming off the tracks etc…

    The reason I ask is cause I hear these structures have problems and I am trying to figure out if I want to make an investment in the wood garage structure.


  • Hey DrewLove,

    Not including the motor, how well does your garage work? More concerned with how well it opens and how often you might need to have someone work on it.


  • Door Systems, Inc.
    Trustworthy company…I’ve used them before, very responsive.

  • @Jason

    I have one but only have used it for about 18 months. Works great so far. Given that the motor is ‘open to the elements,’ we expect to need to replace the motor every 3-5 years or so and are comfortable with that. Don’t know what it cost – came with my house. No issues with the tracks/stability/etc.

  • Did you have to get a permit to install the door?

  • I have been really happy with ours. We have had it for 20 months. The only problem we had was when the door froze to the ground. When I tried to open it, it came of tracks. The company came out and fixed it the next day without and fee.

  • So far at least 2 people have said that the picture is of their garage doors.
    When I first saw the pic I also said WOW that’s my house, then I noticed that there was no roof, i.e. no garage, and I have a garage that goes with the door.
    My advice, build a garage.

  • I really want to attempt one of these as a DYI, but cannot find any resources on the web. Would love to know if there is anyone out there that has successfully attempted yourselves.

  • Anonymous at 11:33, I was in the DCRA permit office a year or so ago and heard one of their staff telling a guy that it’s illegal to build a standalone carport in DC. Not sure if this qualifies as that or not. Worth checking out since the inspectors are more vigilant than they used to be, and you don’t want to get shut down.

  • Why not get a rolling overhead door? These seem to be designed to be outside in the elements, and you don’t have to build the extra supporting structure for the garage door tracks, worry about misalignment, etc. Overall these seem like much “cleaner” installations. It might make DCRA less inclined to think you have a carport, too.

  • Anon 5:52, it depends on where you live. I went for a consulation and you can build provided you have a certain lot size and meet set back requirements.

    CL – would love to get my hands on a 16 foot roll up door. They are very expensive. Have been shopping around salvage organizations to see if I can tag on. The motor and remotes are not that expensive.

  • Just wondering, what are these doors for? Security? To make sure no one else uses your parking space? I think a roof would be more important to me than a door.

  • I got a quote this summer from Overhead Door Co (Office: 301-937-1800) for a roll-up door, 14′ wide, 8′ height. The doors are custom built and ~$3,500. This didn’t include permits, structural diagrams which DCRA will likely ask for, or the steel posts for the door box to sit on (i had existing posts from a chainlink fence).

    It’s against code to have an electric roll-up doors on residential properties (code is only for commerical use). The are no UL certified motors for residential use….yet. Companies like Overhead Door will install the door, but not the motor.

  • Pooner did my door and it cost more than the car I’m protecting but I love it. It creates privacy and security. Roll ups are the way to go.

  • I spoke with a lot of people who had the roll up doors before deciding on the traditional garage door style. Most reported that the roll-ups were prone to going off the tracks and the repair was expensive. Also installation of roll ups is very expensive, around 8-10K for a doublewide versus about $1600 for the garage door. That did not include the carpentry work or the electrical installation. As someone mentioned earlier, some companies will not do the roll-ups on residential properties; I was told it was for liability reasons.

  • Well, I guess those are some pretty good reasons to stick to a regular garage door! I just saw the finished product and didn’t realize what it takes to get there!

  • Mine was also like yours. But it was about long back. But now it was changed. But I don’t know how it was remodeled. One my cousin has looked after all that work. Unfortunately I do not have any contact with him. Or else I would have helped you.

  • I called N.Pooner and Sons to install my doors. They did an excellent job and were very professional. The price was vey reasonable and they offer 24/7 service. They came highly recommened, and I would recommend them to anyone looking for a top notch security door. (202) 737-0600

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