Dear PoP – What’s Going in the Alley between 11th and Sherman (Park Road and Lamont)?

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“Dear PoP,

Yesterday I noticed a big empty lot between 11th and Sherman and Park and Lamont.

Any idea what’s going on? Seems like a weird place for a building since there’s no direct street access…”

It’s going to be community garden.

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  • I believe a pocket park…

  • Do you know how we sign up for a plot in the community garden?

  • I used to live in a house on this lot, and I don’t think I’d trust any kind of vegetable/fruit/herb grown in this soil. It used to be a place for people to park their cars (until the gov. started ticketing everyone for illegally parking in an alley–totally bunk because right before that started a police officer told me I was fine to park there) and I would see some pretty disgusting stuff lying around.

    Anyone know why nothing was ever built before in this lot, or why it’s even there in the first place? I’ve never seen anything quite like it in the city before.

  • It is indeed going to be a small park that will include some community garden plots. It’s being built and managed by Washington Parks and People, so I guess you should contact them for information on getting a plot:

  • @Karen Depends on you do the gardens as above ground square container plot-like plots. That’s how we do community vegetable gardens up where I live in East Harlem. Both us and the Bronx have a lot of them. They can be quite nice and great local places for people to come together. Like open air community centers.

  • I really hope it’s going to be a pocket park. There aren’t enough public spaces in D.C. designed expressly for friendly games of pocket pool.

  • I agree with Karen, I used to live on that block of Lamont and it is going to take a lot of work to make that ground remotely healthy.

    But I am glad the cars are out of there. One night, we awoke to find a car on fire. Another night, our housemate’s windows were smashed in. That same housemate took her car into the shop because it was running funny, the mechanic found a rat’s nest in the chassis and chicken bones next to the engine.

  • Hmm….I got my car window smashed out and my engine block infested with rats directly left-of-center in this picture. directly behind this picture, we had a big garden of greens, red chard, and peppers. We ate them. Haven’t had any negative health effects yet….

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