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  • Thank goodness. Stopped by Sticky Fingers early this weekend – they no longer sell coffee by the pound. Way to refuse business. I generally drink my coffee black, which leaves Starbucks tasting disgusting, almost motor-oil-esk – so that was out of the question. Had to go up to Columbia Heights Coffee. Bought a pound there and two cappuccinos (which I didn’t plan to buy originally, but hey, I was in the mood to reward good business decisions after being turned away from Sticky Fingers). Being a south columbia heighter, it will be good to have something closer to home than CH coffee. Here’s hoping Tynan sells by the pound.

  • Tynan Johnson is a protege of a local purveyor of fine coffees that I cannot name. The place is going to be amazing.

  • Speaking of Five Guys, I walked past today at around 11:00 to see them installing a window and a sign that the store would open at 12:30. Hope the window didn’t get busted by some idiot.

  • @ Jimmy D, don’t forget about Dunkins! Might not appeal to you if you drink your coffee black, though

  • Can’t wait to try the loose leaf tea.

  • @ L – yeah, you are right, DD just wont work for the black coffee (no matter how many times I try to make it work). Sucks because it’s so freaking close to my criblet.

  • It’s worth the walk up to Qualia to get coffee. everywhere else in CH/Petworth ive been to has had mediocre coffee.

  • Qualia? I do not know this place.

  • Qualia, Georgia Ave between Randolph and Taylor. It is indeed the best coffee around- fresh roasted and sold by the pound and cup.

  • Qualia indeed has good coffee and it’s not far from the Petworth Metro. The selection of food is pretty thin (Paisley Fig pastries.) However, the best coffee in the city (by the pound) is from Java House at 17th and Q. I tried to get the owner to expand up the hill to Adams Morgan, until they opened Tryst, look how much money he missed out on. Now if only he’d open a place in CH!

  • Agree about Qualia for great coffee. Their food selection is a bit lame though.

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