Dear PoP – Things you never expect to explode

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“Dear PoP,

Cool weirdness plus public service announcement? Today my thermal coffee carafe exploded – as in gunshot loud, glass shooting up like a geyser all over the sink (and me.) The carafe was empty, room temperature for 6 hours, being rinsed in tepid water. Google search turned up a shocking number of similar explosions! I just never thought about exploding coffee pots before! Also, a tire gauge recently exploded during use, shooting the metal measurement slide thing out like a bullet. So it got me wondering, what else explodes that you really would never expect?”

That is insane. Reminds me of my first PoP breakfast tip from Jan. ’07. Never ever try to microwave an egg…

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  • Were there other PoP breakfast tips?

    I exploded a frozen can of soda, by bringing it from the cold car into the warm house. I guess I should have seen it coming…

  • After microwaving a liquid, be careful when putting a spoon in and breaking the surface tension – I had a cup of hot water make a mini geyser and it gets all over your hand 🙁

    Crazy about the carafe…

  • This used to be a common incident with the old glass lined thermoses. I don’t know why.

  • Mal got the big one there with the seemingly spontaneously exploding cup of water. There was an email chain-letter type warning going around a few years back, and unlike most of them this was true:
    I’ve seen really bad partial thickness/2nd degree burns from this.

  • But only distilled water explodes. Tap water has impurities in it, so it boils. So says Mythbusters.

  • Things made in China explode.

  • I’ve heard a personal account of an exploding glass shower door. Apparently it happens more than you’d think.

  • We had a bathroom vanity light explode and a radiator crack from cold (where the radiator parts shot apart and through a couple of layers of plastic shelving).

  • I had a coworker who put an uncooked egg straight from the frig in the microwave at work. The thing exploded the door off the microwave and embedded what remained of the egg into the bottom of the machine. I can’t begin to tell you how hideously it smelled and the noise from the smoke alarms that went off over half of the floor.

  • Is this just a post for kitchen-accident-prone people to express their woes? Because some of these stories are kind of ridiculous.

  • @Divine – I had used filtered water when this happened to me – and I didn’t have the “explosion” that is expected – once I broke the surface with a spoon the water immediately started to produce a rolling boil effect and it boiled over the edge of the glass. I suspect that the water was only slightly superheated above the boiling point. I had used a glass measuring cup to heat the water. Never again! Everytime I take something out of the microwave now, I either throw something on top of the surface before taking it outta the microwave or keep a stirrer in the liquid to break the surface. My grandfather had this happen to him, too – when he first told me to “beware” of exploding liquids, I kind of laughed and was like “okay grandpa…”. When it happened to me, I immediately called him up! Couldn’t believe it.

  • @c – it’s not something that happens to just kitchen prone people. If you don’t want to read it, don’t refresh your page to check the comments.

  • So it CAN happen with tap water!

    And c, you sigh now, but when your cup of water or glass shower door explodes, we’ll see who’s accident-prone then.

  • Never, never, ever never put a hampster in a microwave.

  • This happened to my brother: two glasses hot from dishwasher stacked inside of each other…when he pulled it apart the next day and put cold juice in it the glass exploded (a min later) thank goodness he had gone to let the dog out!

  • Drinking glasses are hazardous to your health! My mother didn’t place a glass squarely on a table, so it fell and broke. The fun part came when the bottom of the glass shot into the back of her leg and severed a tendon!

    That has nothing to do with anything exploding, but even just dropping a glass from a small height can cause major damage.

  • emmaleigh I barely touched a glass w/ a beer bottle and it shattered (not during a toast either)

    I hope the LW is allright.

  • the world’s a dangerous place!

  • Car windows. I’ve had it happen twice. Once was a back window while driving down the road, another was a side window that exploded while the car was parked, and I was standing beside it talking with a friend. In both cases ‘Bang’, and all that was left of the window was about a million little square pieces of broken tempered glass.

  • Car battery – exploded as I was starting the car.

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