Dear PoP – Sweet Summer Scene

MtP Watermelon Sidewalk Chalk 09.09.09, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

“Dear PoP,

I saw this lovely little chalk homage to the waning days of summer while walking home past 17th and MtP yesterday and thought I’d share. Shout out to the inspired artist who transformed this tiny wedge of the urban landscape into something delicious-looking and happiness-inducing!”


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  • And by this afternoon, the watermelon had been jackhammered away. Jackasses.

  • Everything should be painted to look like watermelons.

  • i saw the artist spraying this a few days ago around 6:45 AM. Very cool…too bad it’s gone.

  • Very cool. Compare this with the so-called “street art” that is 22 bikes abandoned around Dupont. This took vision and talent and existed for less than a day. Meanwhile, Legba’s tantrum will be there forever, according to him (how’s that working out?)

  • Inspired!

    They will never finish fixing this one block of street and sidewalk, it seems.

  • I loved it. Sadly that whole corner has been dug up, which isn’t terribly clever since it was just reconstructed a couple months ago. Maybe someone will paint another slice on the opposite corner, which contains a slightly larger wedge.

  • Does anyone know if the city demolished it because of the painting? Or was it scheduled to be demolished anyway? To me, that wedge looks like a tire puncture waiting to happen for any bus or truck that takes that turn a bit too tight, not to mention a trip hazard for visually impaired or disabled pedestrians. If anything, painting it as a bright pink watermelon makes it SAFER! Plus, it adds fun and whimsy to the streetscape. Too bad it didn’t work out.

  • It wasn’t just the wedge that was removed but all of the brand new concrete paving around it so I doubt it was the painting that led to its removal. Someone probably realized it was a bad design to begin with, given the tight corner at that intersection and the possibility of people tripping. They also have yet to permanently install a traffic signal at that corner so I imagine the new paving will include the signal.

  • Yeah, I walked by the other day, and the construction workers were all staring at it with a puzzled look in their face. It’s a pity that it’s gone, but kudos to the artist for trying to liven up this little ‘slice’ of urban life. Keep it up MtP.

  • I saw that watermelon on my way to work in my car. I wondered what it was doing there. It looked like a big foam cheese-head sort of thing. Thanks for “explaining”.

  • it’s already gone?!?!? i feel lucky that i actaully saw this one, i usually miss out on these things. that the recently finished was already dug up to be fixed, well, don’t know what to say about that…

  • They tore out and rebuilt my driveway on this block of Park twice as well. Nice to know that the contractor is keeping up its record of excellence!

    The watermelon wedge made me smile every day. I’m sad to see it go…

  • I love these things. When I was in San Francisco, there was some building maintenance fellow who painted all the standpipes (if that’s what they are called) with caps like mushrooms. Made my day on the walk to and from the office.

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