Dear PoP – Movement on 14th and Belmont Lot


“Dear PoP,

You may already have an idea about what’s going in on that huge lot along 14th that used to be a strip mall, but if not, for the first time, I’ve just seen guys with blueprints wandering the area, clearing scouting the site and, actually, talking about the rest of the block from what I could hear.”

Demolition began back in Nov. ’08 so this it’s great to finally hear some progress is on the horizon. Note the big shell in the back of the photo is no longer standing.

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  • Speaking of development news, any update on the Ellwood Thompson’s or Tynan Coffee’s progress? If you look in the window to the Ellwood Thompson’s space at the corner of Irving & Hiatt Pl, you can see that they brought in escalators recently (not installed yet).

  • A public REIT (UDR) owns this land. They reclassified it from “under development” to “land” late last year, and I wouldn’t expect any major developments in the near term. I hope I’m wrong, though.

  • I am a member of the Meridian Hill Neighborhood Association. At our August meeting, the association’s leadership announced that the developers have delayed the condo/apartment building project planned for the site for an indefinite period of time. They are, however, going to turn a portion of the lot into a “green space.” I don’t have any more details.

  • Dont know anything about Ellewoods but I heard directly from one of the developers that they hoped to break gound on the 14th street development in the beginning of the new year.

  • @grumpy – actually, those escalators have been sitting in there for a while; they just moved them nearer the windows. always perplexed me as well.

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