Dear PoP – Former GDON Back on the Market and 2 Shiloh Baptist Church Properties on the Market


“Dear PoP,

Sold for $310,000, quick reno and back on for $699,000!
And it’s already under contract! What do you think of the renovation?

And in other real estate news a reader writes that Shiloh Baptist Church has finally put two of its properties up for sale:

“Dear PoP,

Shiloh posted two of their properties for sale. Shiloh is asking 450K for each of the vacant and dilapidated shells. Good deal or no? LOL. They probably won

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  • Absolutely! 450K for a shell, 200K to renovate, place on market 800K for entire house, or 4 2bedrm – 1 bath condos at 375 K each — huge profit for me!!! Shaw is the neighborhood to be located, especially with the new development in that area! Did you expect that church would just give those properties away?!

  • Let the Shiloh bashing begin! Give this church a break. We rightfully beat the church for having these vacant properties for so long, now we beat them up for placing them on the market at a reasonable price? If I had money to spare, I would spend 450K for a shell, renovate it for 150-200K and sell it for huge profit.

  • 1600 is a corner unit — should go fast!

  • I am so happy you are writing about this house! I saw it over the weekend and fell in love with it. Compared to other houses on the market I thought $699,000 was a fair price. Then I googled it and found it sold in July for $310,00. I asked the owner and she conveniently didn’t remember exactly when they bought the house. So curious to what others have to say…

  • I am glad they followed though. Now these places have a chance to live on and contribute (if inanimate objects can contribute) instead of being left to rot. I am sure some developer will love to get their hands on these – they should go fast especially since the price is good for a developer to buy and turn into condos.

  • I think the renovation looks pretty good. I love how they did the back porch.

  • With 1816 Irving, you figure they paid $310k, put about $200k into it, and are hoping to make a $200k profit. That sounds about right.

    Can you get $850k for the Shiloh places ($450k + $200k reno + $200k profit)? Maybe if it’s at least 2000 square feet. I wouldn’t be surprised if those properties will sell fairly quickly, considering the speed at which I’ve seen other places sell that needed a complete renovation.

  • 1816 Irving – no idea what it looked like before, but that’s a gorgeous reno! I could easily imagine living in that house.

  • That house is beautiful. Seems like a really good deal to me. One question though. What’s with the paint above the stone? Why is it haphazardly two tone? Is it just the picture making it seem that way?

  • I love the Irving Street place, but I don’t think I’d pay more than $600k for it. Clearly someone with more money than sense wants it pretty bad, though.

  • on the reno, 4 bedrooms? 3.5 baths? They must be tiny, as the whole thing is only 1575 sq ft. I’d need to see in person to see the actual room dimensions. And the pics make the layout seem odd, with some wasted space.

  • One of the rooms was a basement, with an extremely low ceiling. It also had an unneccessary amount of bathrooms. I thought the rooms were a nice size. I think it is the lot size that is 1,575 ft., not the square footage inside the house.

  • “Did you expect that church would just give those properties away?!”

    450K is a lot for a shell. Shells do not sell for anything close to $450K in that area. That is not anywhere close to market rate. Market is about 200-250K unless the shell is really special in some way.

    Renovated, there is no comparable house in that area that sold for 800K. You probably can’t divide this up into 4 condos without getting variances and building up (which will cost a lot more than 200K)

  • I’m always leary of quick rehabs with carpet in the basement — it is to cover water damage? 1575 is small for 4 bedrooms but overall, the rehab looks great.

    450K for a shell seems like a lot, but investing roughly 200K for a good rehab and you have made a nice profit! I would pay 750 — 850K for a corner lot townhouse in Shaw. Shaw is a up and coming neighborhood.

  • For the people who said they’d pay $850k for a renovated home in Shaw, would you pay that much if the house had no parking? Both of the Shiloh properties are corner properties, with tons of light, although neither has any parking or rear greenspace (although they both have side yards).

  • I’ve seen a few other shells listed at ridiculously high prices too. Way over what newly rehabbed places are listed for and clearly needing hundreds of thousands in renovations. Check out the listing for 221 and 223 11th Street SE.
    The building doesn’t even have floors and last I heard the roofs had collapsed in. I’m not certain if it is the same owner.

    Maybe the owners of these properties haven’t realized that the exemption for listing a property for sale has an expiration date of 12 months? After that, the vacant property tax is applied again unless they can find another exemption like commencing renovation work themselves.

  • Wish it had some more green space for $700k.

  • Oh what a lustful thing. Beautiful house. For $699K, it’s a good value in that location. Love love love that they kept the original steel-frame casement windows through the renovation. IMHO, renovation very tastefully restrained. Very handsome scheme in the kitchen – dark cabinets, upper-mid level stainless appliances. Gets two of my thumbs up.

  • Like 1816 Irving. Have been to a party in a house in the next block on Hobart. Very spacious. and I love that small private balcony off the 2nd floor bedroom!

  • “Shiloh posted two of their properties for sale. Shiloh is asking 450K for each of the vacant and dilapidated shells. Good deal or no? LOL. They probably won

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