Dear PoP – Can We Use Harriet Tubman Turf Field?

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“Dear PoP,

I walked by the new turf field yesterday and was wondering if the facility will ever be open to the public. I took a jaunt around the perimeter and all the entrances were padlocked. There were some neighborhood guys, playing touch football. While most of the fence is pointed, the fence could certainly be hopped pretty easily right by the turnstiles. Do you have any information on this? I would love to partake in some pickup soccer there.”

Thanks to Joeon11th for sharing the rules. The field is located off 11th Street between Irving and Kenyon.

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  • And the playground? Is that open to the public as well? It’s the nearest one with out shards of glass and broken equipment.

  • I have seen the cops kicking fence climbers out of that field.

  • Interesting they don’t mention a prohibition of cleats. In the original discussion here, someone said that using cleats could really destroy the field. Does anyone know if this is true?

  • I don’t think cleats would do anything. We have been playing soccer games on the turf field at Wilson High School in cleats and the turf has not been damaged.

  • Re: cleats

    Metal cleats or anything with jagged sharp edges are not recommended (some cleats have jagged notches in them). Regular rubber/molded plastic is fine.

  • If you look at the sign in the picture, it tells you – M-F 4pm until Dusk, unless school activities are occuring or it is a holiday. It is the same with Roosevelt HS’s track. Super annoying.

  • If the facility is locked, jumping the fence is trespassing.

    Since all DC Aftercare programs go until 6:30pm I believe that 4pm-6:30pm the playground will be in use by students first.

    Let the DCPS kids enjoy what is THEIRS and NOT YOURS and stop being such a D*CK about it. grow up.

  • Isn’t this Fenty Field? That mess was slippery on CH day.

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