Coming to New Buildings at 14th and Florida (Strictly Scuttlebutt)


I’ve been consistently getting emails about what possible retail is going into the new Solea building and View 14 building located at 14th and Florida Ave., NW. These are just rumors and not terrible exciting but I hear Solea is slated to get a new sign store and possibly will house a non profit.

Across the street at View 14 I heard some rumors of a gym going in but I hear that plan has stalled. Other than that I’ve heard of no deals signed yet. Anyone else hear any rumors?


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  • I haven’t heard anything about what’s going in there but it won’t be me. Far as I’m concerned, Solea is just about the ugliest building ever designed by human architects.

  • You’re right, that building isn’t going to age well at all.

  • Solea took down their for sale signs on the retail spaces, and they’ve got some art by local artist Decoy hanging up (and labeled) in one of the empty retail spaces. Perhaps an art-related org will move in?!

  • Saw a bunch of folks in nice clothes drinking beer and wine on the sidewalk in front of one of the Solea storefronts on the corner there last week – whatever’s going in there, someone should let them know there’s an open container law here [not that it’s enforced all that often].

  • what’s up with those old arsed ugly street lights? they’re called “cobraheads” and they are supposed to be phased out over the next few years. EW!

  • Solea is one of the ugliest buildings I’ve ever seen in DC–especially for a “new” residential building! I live along the U Street corridor, and at first I thought they had left the building unfinished. Months went by an then I realized that ugly combo of concrete, yellow, and aluminum siding was by design! It’s like a combination public school, prison, and office tower all rolled into one! Makes me want to move right on in…

  • Now, why did I skim this and think there was a store coming in called “Scuttlebutts.”

  • Solea is beyond ugly.

  • Any chance the sign store will also sell kites?

  • Depending on what the nonprofit’s mission is, I’d say that’s very exciting news. Much more exciting potentially than the usual for-profit crap that goes in these spaces.

  • I’m far more interested to know what the plans are for the former shopping center — any info?

  • View 14 was given a 20year tax break worth over $8M in the middle of the city’s budget crisis in addition to previous breaks and waivers. Money which comes straight out of the city’s general fund. They owe this community more than stalled deals and rumors.

  • this got me thinking. non-profit scuttelbuts should be sometimes as exciting as the for-profit ones. POP has door of the day and house of the day, maybe it’s time for Non-Profit of the week or something.

  • In response to William Jordan’s recent post arguing our community is “owed more than rumors and stalled deals”-what specifically did the city get promised that you feel is owed? Do you feel the building isn’t really trying to find paying retail clients? Did they promise to subsidize for local businesses that want to rent?

  • A sign store? Now there’s something we can all get excited about.

  • I hope that gym comes at View14! U St. needs a good gym.

  • I think you guys are a bit harsh on Solea. In my opinion I think it is a nice contrast to all the other buildings we have around. The design elements allow it to change color and or texture, such as by painting the corrugated metal same or various colors, etc.

  • @W Jordan – Agree. Every tax exempt non-profit that comes to this city is a tragedy.

  • I sent out emails to the view 14 folks couple of times in the past, but no one responded to my questions. Maybe you guys will have a better luck…

  • Non profits serve for the greater good of any community, to serve the less well off, as any good neighborhood non profit would do.

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