Coming to H Street, NE – Ramen Noodle Shop!

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The Washington Business Journal broke the great news on Friday:

“The chef and restaurateur, who most recently worked as kitchen manager at Sticky Rice on H Street NE, is striking out on his own in the same neighborhood. He will open Toki Underground in a 950-square-foot space at 1234 (yeah, that’s not a typo) H St. NE, above popular neighborhood bar The Pug.”

This is phenomenal news. Noodle shops are a great inexpensive option for good grub. I can’t wait for them to open!

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  • Great News, I love good noodles. H st. is rolling.

  • Frozen Tropics had a post on this back in July before everything was finalized. She said it’s going to do dumplings too!

    This is awesome news, especially since Wagamama seems to be taking forever and this is closer to (my) home!


    Going back to the time I was in Japan, this stuff was the greatest. In a ramen shop you’d get a big steaming bowl of the stuff, in your choice of style. In southern Japan, where I was, of course you’d get tonkatsu (pork-bone) ramen. Then you could crack an egg from the bowl at your table into the ramen and see it cook as the near-boiling ramen cooled. Then it was ITADAKIMASSSU! The best stuff ever!

    I can’t wait! My mind is dancing with Japanese ramen ads! KENCHAN RAAMEN.

  • Recommended movie rental: Tampopo, Japanese movie about two truckdrivers who help a downtrodden widow turn her noodle shop into a paragon of gourmet ramen. Mouthwatering and really funny. Eat Drink Man Woman also has some great food scenes.

  • noodles and bicycles. ugh.

  • petworth newbie: thanks for the movie tip!! can’t wait to see tampopo.

  • yeah, because the black people that live on H Street for decades really want noodles.

  • Well it’s quite possible that some of the really poor black people that live on H Street have probably been subsisting on ramen noodles for decades.

  • I’m white and I wouldn’t mind a noodle shop. Why would some black people not like noodles? They don’t all eat fried fish and chicken… Way to pigeon hole Demarcus.

  • If this is anything like Momofuko Ko (upscale noodle place in NYC that is amazing) it will be constantly packed. I am so jealous of the restaurants and bars that have been invading H Street NE. I fear that rents are to high in CH at this point to attract many of these types of businesses. I just don’t see how DCUSA sitting half vacant, earning no rent at all, benefits either its investors or the community.

    I just don’t get why we can’t get any quality chinese, japanese, or indian food in Columbia Heights, Petworth or U Street. It is mind-boggling that there isn’t a single decent sushi option anywhere in those neighborhoods. Someone is primed to make a killing (unfortunately the only place to even try, Nori, had pretty awful quality sushi hence its rapid demise). At least we have solid Pho and soon will have Thai …

  • I’m black. I’d some quality ramen in between my mambo sauces and fried fish.

  • I’m a white guy, and would enjoy high-quality ramen between my organic everything and my next cup of starbucks.

  • YUM!!! I can’t wait. I haven’t had good ramen since I was in Japan.

  • Travelling to Japan is on my list, and I think about having a great big bowl of homemade Ramen there. I so hope that this place comes close to the same.

  • Word has it, the chef makes a killer dumpling! I think interior work to get the space ready has already started.

  • Erik will be making dumplings next to the Pug, right in front of his new resto spot at 1234 H, this Saturday 9/19, at the H Street Festival. Noon to 6 PM.

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