Columbia Heights Plaza Appears Open

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Thanks to a reader for sending in the above photo with the following, “The workers removed all the barriers just a few minutes ago. (Thurs. evening) Folks are already hanging out there. Very cool!”. Apparently there is supposed to be a press conference tomorrow morning at 10am but I haven’t received official word. I’ll update tomorrow if that is the case.

Incidentally another reader sent in a very cool link with photos of other “solar trees”. You can see them here.

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  • I’m SO excited about this. It’ll be great for sipping hot cocoa and people-watching as move into autumn.

  • I have to admit that, while I was skeptical until even a few weeks ago, now that it is done, it has grown on me quite a bit, especially now that they’ve added all of the green elements like the grass, trees, and shrubbery. Still would have liked to have seen a BIT more green in and around the plaza, but my initial skeptical view of the solar pole things now that they are completed. And I really appreciate all the extra pedestrian space by Park Triangle and Kenyon Square. Can’t wait to see it with the fountain on.

    Attention retailers, the two vacancies in Tivoli are now a HECK of a lot more appealing with this civic plaza adjacent!

  • The new plaza is has exceeded my expectations! I’m glad that the major construction is finally done!

  • An eyesore, but if last night was indication, CHers don’t seem to mind (better than the wildly popular filthy astroturf park in Silver Spring, though.)

  • Say what you want about the astro turf being filthy, it was well utilized. Sometimes that is all we can hope for.

  • Bravo! Literally as the workers took down the temporary fencing, people instinctively moved in to claim the space, like cows migrating into a new pasture. The first people to claim a spot were a bleary-eyed father and his full-of-energy toddler. It’s so nice to have a beautiful public space a half block away, particularly since it’s been a nasty, scary place for the better part of 40 years. Yes, I worry about it getting trashed, tagged, etc – and I’m sure it will. The yellow bricks are already getting stained. But, for all its imperfections, apparant and feared, I’m smiling today.

  • I love it. It is such a better use of the space than before. The “trees” might not be the most attractive, but they are not bad…plus, I love the fact that the city is making a statement!

  • I am thrilled for the space to finally be open. I love the fountain and like the little green slopes. However…I just don’t like the solar trees. Maybe if there was more than one “sheet” per tree to make it more tree-like? It just looks weird to me. But seriously, it could be (and has been) far, far worse.

  • I think it looks pretty cool, cant wait to do some people watching there myself. Also love the solar panel concept incorporating art and function.

    Between this and the remodeled Girard Park, I am really happy with the follow-through on the CH street scape so far.

  • One question: The fountain looks like it was intended to allow for kids to play in it. Is that going to be the case? If so, another kudos is in order.

  • My wife and I were walking past it late last night and see that it had opened. We hung out there for a while, enjoying it with around 15 others. It was one of those special moments that happens with something new and unexpected.

  • i don’t know why, but i thought there were actually going to be trees. though i have to admit i like it. now if adams morgan could just figure out what it should plant next to the mickey d’s…

  • Drove by this morning, and it looked great! The “trees” look quite nice to me now that they are unwrapped and in place as part of the overall design, and the water “dancing” up and down in the fountain looked very nice (my son on the backseat loved it too). Will have to go for a walk tomorrow for sure. 🙂

  • “Attention retailers, the two vacancies in Tivoli are now a HECK of a lot more appealing with this civic plaza adjacent!”

    and you have at least a month or so of reduced foot traffic while they install the ugly yellow bricks on the sidewalks around the tivoli – perfect for build-out

  • Click your heels three times…

    and say “there’s no place like CH.”

  • I was so happy to see kids playing freely on the fountain area, while adults were sitting and reading/people watching on the various seating areas including the grass section. It looks so awesome. Can’t wait to get my coffee from one of the coffee places around and go there and people watch.

    Any one from Park apartment or Kenyon square, please take picture from your roof tops down to the park and share the beautiful space including the widened sidewalks. Thanks!

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