CM Graham’s Response to His Chief of Staff’s Arrest for Bribery Charges

This is a follow up from the news we learned yesterday. From an email:

“Dear Friends,

I was deeply upset and deeply saddened to learn that Ted Loza was arrested yesterday by the FBI on charges of taking a bribe.

As my constituents, I want you to know —

I have not personally engaged in any illegal behavior or activity.

What Teddy allegedly did in no way influenced any action I took on legislation. Indeed, Teddy generally is not involved, nor is he consulted on legislative matters which are instead handled by myself and our committee staff.

As I said to FBI agents yesterday, I will fully cooperate with their investigation bringing forth all of the information relevant and needed.

I have placed Teddy on administrative leave effective yesterday, with pay, until there are further developments. Teddy–like all of us-is entitled to a presumption of innocence until proven guilty.

If you have concerns or questions, please let me know–as always–by using this direct email address for me.

Sincerely, Councilmember Jim Graham”

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  • “What Teddy allegedly did in no way influenced any action I took on legislation.”

    Liar, liar pants on Fire…

  • Now, now, Dog. What basis do you have to assume CM Graham is lying?

    I cannot stand the impulse people have to assume the worst and question the motives of others by default.

    Clearly this is a very disturbing turn of events. But I have not seen any evidence that Graham was involved in anything untoward or illegal. If such evidence emerges, there will be plenty of time for accusations then.

  • I like to ridicule Graham as much as anyone else, but I think he’s a good councilmember. That he would be directly involved in a $1,500 bribe is laughable.

  • Its a pretty big coincidence that the taxi legislation proposed by Graham is almost exactly what the taxi industry asked Teddy for. Graham has needed to go for a long time-he’s lots of talk and little do-I hope this helps get him out of office.

  • Yes I am sure the Chief of Staff had no bearing on legislation. Of course. As the #2 in the office, he probably just answered phones and bought coffee and such. These aren’t the droids you’re looking for.

  • The Chief of Staff generally doesn’t have a ton to do with legislation. Graham has five legislative people on his staff.

    It’s possible that Graham and Teddy hatched a plot to sell the legislation for $1500. It’s also possible that Graham was set to introduce the medallion legislation already, and Teddy decided to sell his “influence” for something that was already happening either way.

    I hope Graham wasn’t involved. In general, I’ve been pleased with his performance as councilman, though I think medallions are a terrible idea.

  • I just received a robo call from the DC Republican Party dissing Graham. The only reason the ideologically bankrupt GOP can point fingers is they have ZERO elected officials! Imagine how much $$$ Republicans would take from developers if only they had the chance – no thanks!

  • If the Chief of Staff has little to do with legislation, what’s your theory on how the legislation sought by the bribers was pretty much produced exactly to their specifications? Ie, they paid at least $1500 to the CoS and got what they paid for. Perhaps he does have something to do with legislation after all… hmmmm?

    Note I would totally be willing to pay $50 to Bowser for tree plantings or something in my area. Unfortunately her staff is so screwed up they would somehow forget it…

  • Kinda curious why the Feds went after him. $1500 is not a big fish for them to reel in, how’s that worth their time? Feel like there’s more to this story.

    OTOH, if the keeps an idiotic cab medallion system from being implemented then it’s a win.

  • Pennywise — “These arent the droids your looking for” just made my day.

  • Thank you thank you… I’m here all week folks… (and will try and avoid my usual pattern of ridiculously offensive statements 😉

  • NAB, I think the FBI runs training ops on the DC government. Since we don’t police our own they see it as a very easy way to rack up some arrests while giving new agents some case time. The tax office scam was a no brainer and massive all at once, which yields good press at the least.

    Also, its possible the taxi guys were solicited by Loza and wanted to get him arrested. They would have been ignored by AG Nickles and Co., and MPD, so they went to the FBI. All speculation of course.

  • “The Chief of Staff generally doesn’t have a ton to do with legislation. Graham has five legislative people on his staff.”

    And how does the Chief of Staff not “have a ton to do with” the people on and work before the, um……staff?

  • taylor.nmt – are you that naive? The fact that anyone would not link the bribe to the councilman is ludicrous. Happy indicting!

  • CM Jim Graham, keep up the good work. You have been and will continue to be an outstanding council member. Do I have my disagreements with you? Yes, but you are very responsibe to the Ward one folks, and I will continue to support you. Jim you cannot say to me that you don’t have any job openings, you need a Chief of Staff. I am qualified, I don’t steal from the public funds. 🙂

    Keep up the good work JIMBO!!

  • Jay’O I also received the robo call from the Republican party and find it laughable that they would try to smear Graham with a $1500 bribe to one of his staff. It just goes to show you how desperate they are to take on city politics.

  • Was the medallion system really a bad idea NAB? From what I observe it does seem like there is an oversupply of cabs in DC, and this would be one way to reduce that. It certaintly could be worded to favor certain companies (perhaps what this bribe was pushing), but this system is in use in Boston, NY and other cities, so I wouldn’t think the root idea is bad on its merits.

  • Wouldn’t the “problem” of an oversupply of cabs be self-correcting?

    The medallion system always struck me as the hallmark of a bought-and-paid-for city government; it’s a perfect example of businesses protecting profits through legislation.

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