City Paper Has Crazy Updates on CM Graham’s Chief of Staff – Teddy Loza

You have to read the full article from Loose Lips here. But here’s the craziest part:

After she arrived, Loza pressured the woman to abort the baby, according to court records. Part of Loza’s coercion, the woman would later testify, was physical. “On one occasion, after the parties had driven to get [the woman] a burrito, [she] reiterated that she did not want an abortion,” a judge wrote. “[Loza] became upset and pushed the defendant out of the car. She was not injured. The car door was open, she said.”

Graham put the $3,200 late-term abortion onto his personal credit card, according to a receipt included in court records.

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  • Should be interesting to see how all the folks who kept saying what a great guy Ted is/was react to this. No “great guy” gets woman pregnant while on a business trip, forces her to have a late-term abortion and also beats and threatens her.

    Also, how does he owe $13,000 in back property taxes and still have his house? You know that if any of us owed that money we would be out on our a*s.

  • Graham put the $3,200 late-term abortion onto his personal credit card, according to a receipt included in court records.

    Ok, so that was a pretty good run by Graham. Wonder who’s going to replace him?

  • No “great guy” gets three women pregnant. Period. The coerced abortion, physical abuse, etc, is just gravy.

    What a piece of shit.

  • From what I read it looks like Loza is a domestic batterer. The car incident seems to be just one in a series of abusive acts. Stop domestic violence!

  • The truth usually has a way of squirming to the surface. I’d be willing to bet there are other victims out there, other stories.

  • So if this costs Graham his seat, who are the potential replacements? Bronat? Mr T? Graham has been such a constant in Ward 1. He’s managed to get support from so many constituencies. It makes you wonder what he’s had to give up for that, and who can come in and replicate his success.

  • I’d vote for Bronat.

  • i’d vote for Borat too… totally

  • I’m willing to give Mr. T a shot, if he promises not to use his power to get Ward 1’s handful of brutalist buildings bulldozed, and can get the crosswalk at 15th + Euclid repainted 😉

  • So did Graham try and deduct that three grand as a business expense?

    Wonder how Grahams largely Catholic Latino constituency feels about him paying for his staff’s abortions?

  • I swear that was the plot of a recent Guiding Light season…

  • Jim Graham’s preference for sex with latino men has finally got the better of his already questionable judgment. Resign now, Jim.

  • holy crap. this is just crazy.

    Dan Silverman for Council!!!

  • I am a little scared of what might come after Jim Graham…I mean at least Graham could be convinced that the projects on 14th street have to eventually go (especially with a little bribe!), but what if the next person doesnt? He has gotta go, but I am scared shitless our work over the years might go down the drain with him.

  • Wow. Just wow. This has the makings of a wonderful little soap opera. Flip, Teddy, flip! It’s time we had a full-blown political scandal of our own in Ward 1.

  • Bye bye Jim. Nobody can be an enabler to someone who does these things, for this long, and not be at least partly culpable. You’re dead to me.

    Can you imagine an federal elected official with a longtime chief of staff with these facts associated with him? The elected with such a staffer would have to personally fire him, issue a press release saying he did so, ask the U.S. Attorney to arrange a public perp walk, and probably still face widespread calls for his resignation, impeachment, and prosecution.

    Why wouldn’t the same apply to a member of the D.C. Council?

  • Tainfl. Some of “us” don’t want the “projects” (which they aren’t) on 14th St. to go. Speak for yourself.

  • “Why wouldn’t the same apply to a member of the D.C. Council?”

    Because this is DC and our roster of current council members include a whoremongering crackhead and a guy who thinks violent gun-toting teens should be allowed to roam the streets.

  • this is unbelievable. even if graham is found innocent of any kind of fraud or bribery, his lack of judgement regarding his staff is deplorable, and will surely cost him his seat.

  • I am not in the least bit surprised that a piece of shit like this works for a DC Councilmember.

  • Voice of Reason, The Columbia Road Housing PROJECT at Columbia & 14th is just a figment of our imaginination?

  • voiceofreason has “lost” his mind.

  • There is no such thing as the Columbia Road Housing Project. There is a low income development, with low income tenants. It’s not a project.

  • Ok, so the “no legal income [b]development[/b]” has to go. To-may-to, to-mah-to.

    And yeah, Tainfl speaks for me. I’d like my chances of getting shot to be minimized sooner rather than later (when VOR’s utopian vision becomes reality), thanks.

  • Most people in the low income housing units are NOT criminals, WDC. Your statement is completely false. Eliminating them won’t eliminate the crews or the violence, it will just push it around.

  • This is so absurd that I can’t even believe I am getting involved, but since when did the PC Police start arresting people for using the word “project?”

    You better mention that to the government, as well as the people who are actually building these things then, because I guess they didn’t get the memo:

    “Fenty Cuts Ribbon for $28M Affordable Housing Project on Georgia Avenue”,a,1368,q,609360.,dmpedNav_GID,1790,.asp

    Obviously what they really meant was “Fenty Cuts Ribbon for $28M Low-Income Development With Low Income Tenants on Georgia Avenue”

  • Jamie, traditionally a “project” has been 100 percent government funded housing. Obviously the term is now being blended to mean any low income housing. It really shouldn’t though.

  • Guess what? I don’t give a shit about “pushing” the gangs and crews to another neighborhood. What are the contributing? A shooting every week at 14th and Columbia? NO thanks. So unless someone finally gets the balls to start handing out depo shots so people stop having babies, I am all for tearing that place done. No one has a constitutional right to government housing in the location of their choice on someone elses dime. Graham sucks. I hope we finally have enough residents with some real sense to vote for someone a little less pandering. This is a good opportunity for Columbia Heights to grow up.

  • You won’t push them to another neighborhood, you’ll just push them down a block or two or three. It’s not really a viable solution.

  • A “project” is any collaborative enterprise focused on achieving a specific goal. So a collaborative enterprise to provide housing to low income people is indeed a housing “project.”

  • Voice of Reason, 20009 has the highest concentration of housing vouchers in NW and it shows in those massively overbuilt bocks. Just look at the crime stats for Columbia Heights versus the rest of the city. You make a good point about most residents being criminals and how relocating problems doesn’t solve them, but by being a pedant about the term ‘project’ and about the blatantly obvious crime problems associated with these properties makes you look just as clueless as those that just want all poor people to move away.

  • … most residents NOT being criminals …

  • If people can’t see what is plain as day because I quibbled over the word “project”, well . . . not much to say about that. Not really a good excuse for willful ignorance.

  • Seriously voiceofreason, you are done now? because we are so ignorant? If you promise there are many of us that will accept your insult.

  • Hell yeah, PoP for Councilman!

  • POP lives in a different ward.

  • Ugh! I used to love Jim Graham! WTF? He’s toast! Next!

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