Chinatown’s Friendship Archway Revealed

IMG_1822, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

This archway was touched up a while ago and I just noticed the scaffolding was down. I think it looks exactly the same. Does it look more vibrant to you guys? Sunday was a beautiful day to see it again for the first time in a while.

For the record I think it looks great and always has.

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  • I think it looks the same. (If that’s a current picture.) But I guess that’s kind of the point of restoration. 🙂 The colors will look just as bright as always!

  • I’m glad that the rumors about more of those big flat screen TVs running ads being placed on the arch were untrue.

  • I would definitely say the colors look a bit more vibrant and overall the arch looks cleaner. Much better than the burlap enclosed scaffolding that enclosed the arch for all those months!

  • I think it’s amusing that DC has a China “town” that has only one block with Chinese foks/businesses on it, and that on that block, the numbers of Chinese and Chinese businesses are dwindling fast. Doesn’t seem the city did much to protect its integrity, in spite of the arch restoration.

  • I agree with VOR on this- I am surprised that they didnt turn the Arch into an advertisement for Starbucks, with some Chinese lettering thrown in for “authenticity.”

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