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  • HA! That car is actually right across the street from my apartment and I think the note is genius. It is actually one of many posted on the car. It has out of state plates and no visitor’s pass and I have yet to see it ticketed. It has been parked there for weeks (I think it might be abandoned). The alarm usually goes off during the day and early evening. My roommate works from home and has had to leave in order to get work done. From what I hear from my neighbors calls to the police non-emergency number have gone unanswered…

  • Abandoned cars can be towed by the city. I always called 311 to report cars and the offending cars were towed within days. I even called to report a Winnebago and it was towed the next day 🙂

  • lmao that’s hilarious

  • Call 311 and specifically tell them that it is an abandoned vehicle. They will have it towed.

  • Hey, you think we could put a note like that on the barking dog at 13th and Park?

    “The next time you abandon this poor animal to bark his head off outside alone all night, you will return to find a stuffed dog in his place, since that’s clearly all you’re capable of dealing with.”

  • I commiserate, because I’m sure it’s driving them nuts, but this brings up an interesting issue. Do people really not set the alarm on their car when they leave town? What about house alarms? I always set both, and it’s never occurred to me that it might be a problem.

  • If its anything like my car the actually car alarm part only lasts for a temporary amount of time, then the headlights just flash to tell you your car alarm went off, until the battery dies. At least that’s what my manual says.

  • This could be a series… ways neighbors communicate with each other. There’s a sign on the west side of Holmead, between Oak and Otis, fussing at dog owners for putting poop in the trash can.

    Oh, and I don’t know how to deactivate the alarm on my car. But it’s only ever gone off once in the seven years I’ve owned it (when I locked the keys in and had to break into it myself), so probably not an issue.

  • There’s at least six signs on this car “The sound of your horn alarm makes my want to DANCE -> in hell on your burnt vehicle. Please find somewhere else to park your car.”

    At least they said please.

  • if its still there i will walk back and catch the others, i took this in passing while driving

  • I really hate car alarms. I’ve fantasized about buying a pellet gun and shooting the cars that chronically go off, but figured that would render bad karma.

    A New York group actually did a study showing how utterly useless car alarms are.

  • I had an abandoned car parked in my alley blocking my garage door.
    I called the police numerous times and no one came.
    Then I decided that perhaps I could shift the car so that it blocks someone’s back garden who does not park in the back. I noticed then that the car’s ignition had been broken and hot wired. I called the police again to report an abandoned stolen car.
    They were there in minutes.

  • I can’t deactivate my car alarm either, but it’s factory-installed and only goes off when it’s truly being broken into. I suspect the owner of this vehicle got an aftermarket alarm that could easily be turned off.

  • Eli’s on the right track. Factory installed/original equipment alarms seldom sound unless the car is actually being broken into or there’s a wiring malfunction. Almost all the alarms you hear sounding when big trucks go by or during thunderstorms are cheap aftermarket alarms with adjustable sensors for glass breakage or motion/proximity. It’s really ridiculous that folks even buy/install aftermarket alarms, when it’s cheaper and easier to either install yourself or have a shop install a hidden ignition disable switch. Much more effective and doesn’t annoy anyone.

  • Of course, how else would one communicate with idiot dog owners who somehow must think it’s ok for their dog to completely ruin their neighbor’s days? bark bark bark, bark bark bark bark, for hours! days! months! argh. Oddly, the notes don’t seem to have any freakin’ effect at all, the negligent human caretakers still are totally inconsiderate and go on ignoring their nuisance because what else would one have them do, oh right, spend taxpayer money to convert playgrounds to shit/piss fields for the mangy mongrels. They have a point I guess, dogs are after all man’s best friend and make life much more interesting. I just wish DC would repeal it’s ban on resident farm animals, then we’d have an interesting blog thread!

  • I agree heartily with ontarioroader.
    Please do not buy/install aftermarket alarms people! It’s one of my biggest pet peeves of living in the city (and there really are not many). I live in an apartment complex with gated parking, and yet people still have alarms that get activated by storms or other noises.

  • If the car isn’t abandoned but owned by a resident who won’t register the car in DC as the law requires, you can also make a ROSA (Registration of Out of State Automobiles) complaint to the mayor’s service center at 311 or online. Keep reporting it and the car will start getting $100 tickets.

  • @Christina, I was thinking the same thing! I love that site

  • I also suggest calling DDOT who handle parking enforcement. I called them once about an illegally parked car and asked why they had not ticketed it. When i came home the car was ticketed and the next day it was gone. 673-6813

    I also have a neighbor who is inconsiderate about his car alarm. I contacted 311, they told me to file an official police complaint at the station and then call the cops each time it goes off. They will ticket him for noise infraction (or something like that).

  • That Passive-Aggressive Notes site is great. I’ll bet that most of those are from this area, because D.C. is the passive-aggressive capital of the world.

  • The best way to deal with these idiots is to write your message directly on the car windshield with a handful of Crisco or stick of butter.

    Has anyone in the history of the world ever heard a car alarm and called the police?
    Are the punks who break into cars really bothered by the noise during the 45 seconds it takes them to ransack and steal anything of value?

  • I rented a big van one time for a trip, and parked it on the street for about 6 hours overnight. At 6am when i went to leave, there was a warning on the windshield that it had been parked there for 90 days and would be towed as it was abandoned.

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