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Crap, the photo came out blurry. But just beyond the creek there is a table and chairs. Absolutely ridiculous. In a very good way. This again is from the insane new neighborhood I found on Sunday – Normanstone-Woodland.

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  • hahaha “new”

    dont you mean, “new to me” ?

  • I recommend that area for all runners. Less traffic, nice houses to ogle.

  • I heart you but “new” – not really.

  • The houses are sick around there too. Good detour to avoid rush hour traffic on Rhode island if your biking.

  • I’m confused at what I’m looking at here. A woodland scene? Overlooking a road?

  • jaynuze: rhode island? i’m lost here, that’s on the other side of the city…

  • I think I see bigfoot!

    This is a nice little trail and park off Mass Ave opposite the VP’s house, but be sure not to wander off the path too much. There are a bunch of embassies and diplomatic residences around there and I’d imagine the SS get a little testy if you poke around back there too much.

  • Indeed, incredibly opulent houses down there. Always wonder who lives in them.

  • The neighborhood is actually called Woodland-Normanstone Terrace.

  • Be careful aiming your camera too much in this neighborhood PoP. You will attract the curiousity of the metropolitan police dept. and in come locations the secret service.

  • I’ve been in one of the houses in that neighborhood, the home of the deputy British ambassador. Absolutely gorgeous inside. I think a lot of those homes must be occupied by high level embassy staff, given the location.

  • Prince Of Petworth

    Wait till you guys see today’s house porn post at 1pm…

    @MK it’s funny there were signs all over saying private security is monitoring etc. Well, I was in the neighborhood a good hour, hour and a half, and I was very conspicuous taking photos of everything and I didn’t see one cop or one private security person.

  • There are plenty of senators and other self-important types living in all those multi-million dollar homes. It’s a great place for a walk.

  • PoP darling, you will never see them. They see you! Plus, you’re a white man. They won’t jump on you right away. Probably think you’re an architect or contractor out canvassing for ideas.

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