Anyone Check This New Cafe Out Yet?


I just noticed that the ADU-Genet Cafe & Hookah spot has opened up at 811 Florida Ave., NW. I actually thought the hookah fad was over but also noticed someone smoking a hookah pipe at the Shawarma King’s new outdoor seating, located at 1654 Columbia Rd, NW. The outdoor spot looks really nice especially on this section of Columbia Road.



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  • can you actually bring your own hookah to any of these places?

  • hahaha. thats a good question!
    do they generally use wood or briquettes?
    another good question, does anyone know where to get a good cherry tobacco, or green apple for a hookah?

  • I saw a fellow smoking hashish on the veranda. It was a pleasant sight on a warm September evening.

  • Hookah – timeless
    Cupcakes – played out

  • Do they mind if you bring your own, ummm, “herbal” tobacco and smoke it in those things?

  • am i the only one who has an issue with the makeshift fencing? i’d love to be outside, but not if i’d be in danger of some 4X4 falling on me. i can only hope that this fencing is temporary???

  • The new shawarma king has a lot of potential. The family that runs the place is great. They keep improving the options (the outside seating is new, the hookahs are new.) The food is good but not great, I am hoping that some of the improvements flow through to that area as well.

    BTW, that is me in the shot of Shawarma King. Spent about 2 hours outside reading on a sunny sunday afternoon. I wonder how many other pictures there are floating around that I don’t know about…

  • that’s two and a half blocks from my house. i will definitely be checking that out tonight before trying to scalp tickets to matt and kim…

  • We’ve eaten at Shwarma King – food not great so far, and not many choices. Nice renovation of the site, though.

  • shawarma king is the stingiest restaurant ever. just saying. yelp agrees.

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