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  • I guess they get points for creativity but I think its hideous. It looks like a tomb.

  • When I saw the headline I though – God PoP is really scrapping the bottom of the bucket – a cool looking garage?

    Well, I stand corrected. It looks a little like they smacked together five old time DC stone retaining wall, popped some windows and a door in it can called it a day!

  • Yes, those stones look like old-time DC retaining walls. One of my earliest memories was going to the pediatrician’s office, Dr. Finck (yes, it’s true) in old Anacostia, when it was mostly white and quite Jewish. His office was in an old house which had those stone walls between the front yard and the street. I have always associated those stone walls with DC houses.

  • Technically that garage is in 16th St Heights. It’s near my house, across the street from Crestwood.

  • Yeah 16th St. Heights!

    What do they call that style of rocks with thick grout we have all over DC for fences, walls, etc.? Does it have a name?

  • If the British decide to march on Washington again, I think their car will be safe.

  • Isn’t that the bunker where Hitler and Eva Braun died?

  • My house has one of those retaining walls. I have thought that they were constructed of the stone left over from carving tombstones because we have so many huge cemeteries around here. Does anyone know?

  • reminds me of the Hokie Stone!

    GOOOOO HOKIES!!!!!!!!

  • Are you sure it’s not a mad scientist’s laboratory?

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