An Update on Some New Buildings We’ve Looked At


The building that will house Meridian Pint at the corner of 11th and Park is starting to look good. How do you think it looks so far?


And the new row house/condos on the 2100 block of 11th Street near V is getting close to finished. I kinda dig the big windows. Do you think it’s starting to look good and will fit on the block or is too early to tell?

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  • I think the green outhouse contrasts well with the gray exterior.

  • The Meridian Pint building actually looks great- much better than I thought it would, really.

    I also like that modern “rowhouse” on 11th. It’s a pretty decent modern rendition of the rowhouse concept without trying to mimic.

  • The original rendering I saw for the Meridian Pint building had the “slab” elements in a dark color, something close to black. This combination of muted colors is just a little too… muted I think, in a way that reminds me of something like a suburban bank with a drive-through. They should consider a slightly bolder color scheme.

    I do like the structure though.

  • I agree to an extent, Lee, but I think if they paint the trim something colorful, it should be fine. I’m hoping that big black wall doesn’t make an appearance.

  • Regarding the second property, I think it will fit in well enough. Looks like all of the other modern conversions.

  • I like the Merian Pint bldg a lot. Sort of a deco feel. Nice range of kinds of window-rhythms without feeling too busy.

  • What is going in at 11th and Park? Did I miss an early post?

  • Very nice! Thanks for the update.

  • Please ignore my previous post….I see Meridian Pint is going in there.

  • I walked by the meridian pint building the other day and generally liked what I saw, especially the garage doors on the front which will be awesome when the weather is nice. Now for the criticism; the windows and doors on the east side of the building seemed out of scale, with the doors looking sort of short and stumpy in contrast with the rest of the building. Also some poor craftsmanship around the joints of the siding and where the siding meets the windows, uneven edges and messy caulking in many visible places, oh well. A massive improvement over what used to be there.

  • re: Meridian Pint: They built this building in 2009, and they still couldn’t make the front entrance wheelchair accessible?

    Other than that, looks like it’ll be a nice spot to hang out and people watch. Looking forward to it.

  • dang – I was really looking forward to the big black wall. seriously.

  • er: If you look closely, the ramp to the left of the front door actually leads to the front door as well as the side door. Nothing in the ADA guidelines stipulates that the ramp must be directly in front of the doorway.

  • Thanks for the feedback. The exterior is not finished yet, so a lot of those little things you see are actually incomplete and will be finished with flashing, trim work and other items.

    yes, the ADA ramp is on the southside of the building on Park Road.

    the front door’s transom is on its way and will change the stumpy look i’m sure!

    And no, there will not be a big black wall, this is the final color scheme.


  • Yeah, a little bright colored trim would really make the place look great! Right now it is a little too muted…

  • Thanks for chiming in, 3dg. And welcome to the neighborhood!

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