Ah, So This is Where the Ghana Cafe is Coming To.


Back in June a reader asked what happened to the Ghana Cafe location on 18th Street in Adams Morgan. In late August we heard from WBJ that a Ray’s Hells Burger was going into the 18th St. location. It’s not clear whether that’s actually going to happen. Anyway in the comments we learned that Ghana Cafe was moving to 14th Street, NW. I don’t know about you but when I just read an address I have a tough time placing it. So I walked past the above photo and said, “ah, so this is where Ghana Cafe will be” and thought a photo would be useful. It’s actually a cool old building on 14th Street just south of Rhode Island Ave. and the 7 – 11 store at 1330 14th Street, NW. It’s look like there is still a bit of work to be done on the space but I’ll be sure to update when they open.

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  • Ghana Cafe was a great music venue. That location is close to downtown, hope they do well there.

  • It’s not too far downtown . . . . right by my place. I am soo excited to get to drink Tusker again!!!!

  • I heard Michael Landrum speak at a redevelopment conference last week and he told the audience that the reports of him looking at sites in Adams Morgan were false. He said that he could look there in the future, but was not right now (and definitely wasn’t when the WBJ reported that he was).

  • We love this place – especially because they’re vegetarian dishes are great!

  • ooops! ….”their” I really do know 3rd grade grammar!

  • Yay! I can’t wait. Their food is fantastic. I just hope it has outdoor seating, because the interior of the old place was intolerably noisy and rank. We only went in the warmer months because of it… but we went a lot!

  • Thank you P BrrrrOOKLYN!

  • Was walking by last weekend, and the owners were inside building the bar and touching up some other parts of the room. They had the alcohol license in front, and claimed they were working day and night to get it ready for this weekend. I am skeptical they can get the inspectors in that soon to approve as it looked like it still needed a bit of work, but it should be very soon.

    We asked about the music, and they said that the neighbors were nervous about the music bringing an Adams Morgan type crowd to the neighborhood. So their plan was to ease the music in. I assumed that meant not too late or too often until they can gain trust and prove themselves to be good neighbors.

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