Adams Morgan Day Festival – More Good Times

I know some folks don’t like this festival but I thought it was pretty great. The music was awesome. There was great food. There was the guy from the Arlington Rap video, I’m 99% sure that was him though I heard him singing “Rapper’s Delight”. And even dancing. For those that went did you have a good time? (I’ll post reader/PoPville Flickr pool photos tomorrow) More photos after the jump.




More music


Wild dancing


Madams Organ closed in protest


Remy from the Arlington Rap video

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  • why was madams organ closed?

  • Prince Of Petworth

    They believe the organizer of the festival is involved in “financial mis-deeds”.

  • Lining their pockets vis-a-vis wonderland day..

  • Marc Fisher of the Post covered the Bill Duggan [owner of Madams Organ] vs. Lisa Duperier [Pres of Adams Morgan Main Street organization] – from last year:

  • did anyone catch that amazing band (Fuse, I think) of 12-year olds with the girl lead singer? They completely rocked out–it was really impressive.

  • I saw them. I was floored by the guitarist’s skills, actually. Finger tapping his way through the Crazy Train solo is pretty damn tough, let alone with the small hands of a kid. These kids were seriously gifted.

  • these kids made the festival for me. either they’ve got some seriously sophisticated music tastes or their dad picked the playlist! either way they were great fun to watch whilst sitting in the shade chowing down on sweet green fro yo!

  • It was pretty packed but pretty awesome too. I got 3 dollar chinese art poster made by some skaters outside that gallery with lizards on it. The cajun chicken in a pouch rocked!
    Music was excellent! The weather beautiful. ahhhh good times.

  • Anyone know the real name of the band of 12 year olds? I don’t think it was Fuse, at least that name is not on the band list on the AM Day web site…

  • The lead singer herself said their name is Fuse. I can’t find any more information about them online. Keep getting stupid Fuse TV sites.

  • They’re so punk rock that they’re completely underground. Either that or they’re too young to sign up for a facebook account.

  • We must get to the bottom of this. Hard rockin’ kids need to be supported!! Especially if they’re actually talented, my childhood band was more like GWAR but without all the exploding giant peinuses.

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