A Look Inside 2317 15th Street, NW


A few weeks ago the owner of this house sent in a few pictures of his renovation on 15th Street, NW. It just whet my appetite and he was kind enough to invite me over to take some more photos. Holy cow. The previous photos hardly did it justice. The home was bought in 2000 and the renovations took a year. I’d like to thank the owners for being kind enough to invite me over and allow to take some photos. The owner writes:

“Fun news, just found out the house won a national AIA design award for sustainable design. The update really wasn’t about the pop up, it was about opening up the house and making it more environmentally friendly overall. We needed to re-do the electrical throughout, the plumbing to some extent, and to completely replace and update the HVAC while modernizing the kitchen and other spaces. The rooftop addition was an added bonus that we love–and it gave us some terrific additional access to the outdoors and that amazing park.”


Below is the view of Meridian Hill/Malcolm X Park from the second floor balcony off the living room:


Lots more photos after the jump including a sick Koi pond…


Kitchen has super soft cork floors and a great bay window and opens up onto an outdoor space with an amazing Koi pond that was done by friend who specializes in mortar-less construction:




I’ve never seen mortar-less construction before:


While the photo doesn’t do it justice there was amazing stairs leading to the pop up. They were created out of ipe wood:


The ceiling and walls are cedar:


There’s actually two decks on the pop up – one in the front and one in the back with a working sink:


And to top it all off there is an extensive rain water capture system:


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  • yes, wow. but those stairs…i don’t know. it looks like an accident waiting to happen. maybe. for clumsy people. or drunks.

  • This looks amazing! I’m a big fan of the stairs, although I agree with matt that they’re not for the clumsy… Kudos to the owners for a great renovation!

    I’m sure there will be anti-modern naysayers, but forget them.

  • Love it, inside and out!

  • Lovely. Curious that they emphasized the outdoor spaces so much. I suppose there’s more indoors that we didn’t see. Not sure I’d share pics of my bedroom online either. It’s just interesting to build a pop up that is primarily outdoor space. I guess I figure most people build them to add internal square feet.

    So is the pop-up next door a completely separate phenomenon? I watched these get constructed (recently, no?) and wondered if they were actually one building.

  • Can we book this place for the PoP holiday party?

  • Did I see glowing cat eyes in the kitchen picture? If so do the fishies drive it nuts I wonder.

  • I hate my house.

  • You’d never guess from the interior pics this is a rowhouse. Feels light and modern but not aggressively so. Amazing –thank you for sharing!

  • I second the motion that this be the location of the PoP holiday party!

  • I always liked the pop-up, but I’m much more impressed with it now that I see it has two decks and that sink. Very nice addition. And it’s a question I’ve asked before but really, really want to know: what does a pop-up like that cost? I don’t need the numbers for cedar ceilings, just a hole in the roof that goes out to some nice deck space.


  • Very nice. It is a pity now the owner must die for humbling my abode.

    What happens w/ the rainwater capture system? Is the water use it for graywater in the house? Watering the lawn?

  • Wow, gorgeous. I could only dream my paycheck could make my renovation that nice.

  • Fantastic! ET, thanks for pointing out the glowing kitty eyes, this whole thing just made my morning better.

  • Wow, that rocks in so many ways. I’m mostly happy not having a lot of money but then I see something like that and think what cool things you can do if you’re rich.

  • Hated the popup in the first PoP posting but I went to Malcolm X and looked at it and decided it was well done. It doesn’t look nearly as jarring from the street as in the photos. I’m dying for the koi pond.

  • Just one question about the koi pond. What do you do with the fish in the winter?

  • Stunning house by the way.

  • I’ve almost drank enough wine to cover my kitchen floor in cork.

  • I like the koi pond and the rain catchment system.

    The rest looks like Dwell magazine vomited inside a rowhouse.

  • I want this house…with the modern feel toned back a little. I freakin love the Koi pond and would love to do something similar as soon as I can buy a house in D.C. @Tmoney, Koi go into a kind of hibernation during the winter months. My family used to have 10-20 in a 5-foot pond and the top three feet would freeze and the Koi would live under the ice through the winter.

  • Does the owner need a new girlfriend, by chance?

  • @Tmoney — it’s the most amazing thing. You do nothing, and they live. Moved into a place with a fish pond last year, and I had no idea what to do when winter came. The pond was was a solid block of ice for a couple weeks straight, and I thought I’d made fishsticks, but sure as sh*t, those little guys started swimming when it thawed out.

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