4 People Shot, 1 Killed at 900 Block of Hamilton Street, NW Last Night at 6:30


Washington Post reports:

“Four people were shot Monday, one of them fatally, in an outburst of gunfire in the Petworth/Brightwood Park area of Northwest Washington, authorities said.

The shooting was reported about 6:30 p.m. in the 900 block of Hamilton Street. No motive was immediately available.”

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  • i was in a playground on the 1300 block of Hamilton. i heard nine quick, loud shots. then silence. then sirens. and finally the chopper started circling overhead — that eerie omen that something terrible has happened. a kid on the playground yelled “fireworks!!” at the sound of the gunfire. of course i didn’t try to correct him by telling them that some thug had just emptied a clip at someone.

    the police are saying it was a targetted hit against an informant/witness.

  • Neighbor, this is my major fear. I don’t much care if the thugs want to thin their ranks a little. But the idea that I’d be out with my child while they’re at it just terrifies me. Were you with your child at the playground? How did you react?

    Maybe we should have designated dueling grounds, so the non-players don’t have to be involved in the game.

  • There ARE designated dueling grounds, they’re called Petworth, Columbia Heights and other various neighborhoods east of the Park. A lot of non-duelers just happened to move into them somewhat recently.

  • yes, i was there with my 4-year old son, and a bunch of other neighborhood kids who frequent the park every day. my own reaction troubles me, and makes me wonder how DCers become inurred to this kind of thing. i knew it was shots, but i also knew it was across GA, the clip was empty and it was almost certainly not random. so i felt little fear for the safety of the kids at the playground. that, i think, is an odd feeling. of course i kept my eyes peeled for anyone approaching the playground, and had anyone rushed up looking like they were on the run i would have run all the kids into the rec center and locked the door. but i was almost certain that the shots i heard had nothing to do with us, and that we were safe…

    on the other hand, a similar ‘hood beef took the life of that woman on 14th street just the other day. a crossfire death, a true innocent and a total waste of life. even the non-random shootings kill unintended victims, as we see all too often in this city….

  • DCFD/EMS reported that 2 victims were shot inside the home and the other 2 victims shot in the back yard. Sounds like a targeted shooting.

  • VOR, don’t you ever get utterly sick and tired of yourself? Because if you do, I assure you you are in good company.

  • sounds like the shooter rolled up in the alley and just fired away, hitting the two in the yard and the two in the home (one of whom, at least, was probably the target). the shots were in rapid succession, no pause at all. it was an “empty-the-clip and bolt” sort of shooting.

    police are looking for a blue station wagon.

  • I have wondered a lot about that park at 13th & Hamilton – is it a nice place to take your kids? Worry about crime there?

  • a neighbor,
    bullets have a way of hitting unintended targets. Funny enough, I passed by here around that time last night. My gf turned down 9th or 8th from Missouri. I immediately asked her why she turned down this street as the dope boys hang out around here. We usually take 5th headed south.

    How much you want to be that the shooter was under the age of 21, obtained the gun illegally and shot someone over drugs?

    No law in the land would have deterred him from shooting those people last night?

  • i live across the street (have been there 15 years) and while the facilities have not improved dramatically, the use of the park has shot up as more families with young kids move to/live in the area.

    there is a “friends of” group (http://friendsof16thstreetparks.org/) started by residents of the area that is doing a lot of good work to improve the conditions and the facilities at both Hamilton Park and Upshur Park (like, all the new chaise chairs at the Upshur Pool, a nice pool that tests clean for fecal matter (see City Paper article featuring random tests of DC public pools — only 3 of 20 passed)…

    Hamilton is slated for a long-overdue major makeover in the coming few years, so the Friends group has been working very hard to mobilize use of and support for the park. we even got the GW Landscape Design Grad program to use the park as the basis for a design competition, which has provided a bunch of great ideas for the renovation.

    Hamilton is a safe and fun park. Mr. Allen runs the place and is a star! between him and us neighbors we keep the place as clean as possible. the building is small and old, the ball courts need repaving, but the park gets a lot of traffic and for all the right reasons. the neighborhood is rediscovering the park, and that has helped a lot. we have soccer, t-ball and kick-ball “leagues” scheduled for the fall (for little kids). and special events on occasion (see the friends website for details)….

    come out! look for me — i’m the one all the kids call “Mister Dan.”

  • Live three blocks down on hamilton and I too came upon the scene just as the street was getting taped off. Saw two young women wailing, walking up Hamilton. So sad. Neighbor – how did you find out about blue station wagon? I pulled into my alley and started parking and then saw an SUV I’ve never seen before just as I heard the helicopter above. I thought I don’t really need to get out of my car at the moment so I drove around. Helicopter stayed out until about 8:30.

  • tv news report at 10 (fox 5) provided some details, though sketchy. said four hit, one dead, likely targeted retribution/prevention hit (to keep a guy from testifying in another shooting case), and that cops were looking for a blue wagon….

  • Oakie: Answer is no. Thanks for your opinion.

  • The “blue station wagon” bit was in one of the MPD text alerts sent out after the fact, though it wasn’t sent via email on the 4D listserv. If you’re interested in these alerts, see:


  • So this was apparently another case of a suspect free on bond (or bail or whatever we have) and allowed to kill? Like the murder of 14 year old Arthur Daniels by freed thug Ransom Perry, we can call this a Mendelson Murder.

  • The police and the justice system can do better.

  • For as long as society as a whole considers these kids useless and without worth, they will continue to act that way towards each other and by extension, everyone else. The police, the justice system, and elected officials can only have limited impact in the short term. Solving this problem will take a lot more hard, community work and a change in the culture (both the culture of the thugs, and the culture of the non-thugs) to work at all in the long term.

  • Do you all ever get tired of writing the same old comments about the same old crap that is called life in DC. I agree with 100’s of posters from the past that there is a different set of rules, norms and level of acceptance for DC residents. I honestly don’t know how all of you put up with the crime. Can someone explain to me why you put up with it being ok that you have to think about how you will protect your kids after you hear gunfire? Is that really how you want to live your life or better yet have your kids live their lives? Astonishing.

  • Really.

    The response in almost every community that has crime has been to push the criminal element away into other neighborhoods so it’s somebody else’s problem. I’m confident that the policy will be implemented around here as well. It’s a crappy solution to the problem because eventually you run out of real estate and end up with over crowded prisons and a cycle of violence and migration patterns between suburbs and cities. The roller coaster ride just never ends.

    Long term solutions require really hard work and selflessness and community involvement from left to right and top to bottom, and the general will for something like that currently does not exist.

    But Really, what do you suggest other than calling people out for their inaction, which I am inclined to agree with? What sort of action do you suggest?

  • Really 12:09:

    It’s pretty simple. [Knock on wood] I’ve never been the victim of violent crime after 15 years in DC. Crime very rarely affects me directly. On the other hand, I could live in the suburbs and have every morning and afternoon wrecked by sitting in mind-numbing traffic. I commuted for one year from Baltimore to DC, I much prefer putting up with the gunfire.

  • Really, you made me think about that one. For me, it’s because I love life in a city–beautiful buildings, saying hi to my neighbors as I walk to the Metro or to the store, having a wealth of culture and diversity right outside my door, and feeling like a part of a vibrant community instead of isolated in a suburb where I have to drive to get anywhere. Those are valuable things for children to have as well. Cities shouldn’t just be divided into super wealthy, safe communities and gangland. I want a safe space for us middle class folks too and I am willing to help create it by living here and being a good neighbor/friend/parent/citizen.

  • No doubt now — voiceofreason is DCDireWolf.

  • I don’t have kids and would never ever raise them in our parts of DC. Of course, I am a country boy at heart and dream of green fields and deep woods (not the accompanying unemployment of course).

  • I don’t profess to have any anwers. Ms. Pac-man do you take advantage of the culture and diversity? Do you regularly attend neighborhood days or block parties or go to one of the museums? I am just curious as to how often you and the others take advantage of city life. VOR, but why do you choose to live in the dueling grounds? Is there not an option for you? How long will everyone wait for the change or wait for everyone to rise up to occasion? and use “really hard work and selflessness and community involvement from left to right and top to bottom, and the general will for something like that currently does not exist.” Do you seen even a glimmer of hope? I am not trying to dire here, but I jsut don’t see it coming and it’s not a life I could choose for my children. I am not passing judgement, really I am not – just trying to understand why everyone makes teh choices they make…

  • Really. For me it’s a cultural and economic choice. I can’t afford to live in the neighborhoods that are crime-free unless I want to put my family in a studio apartment, and I prefer to live in a place where I can walk or ride a bike to work, to block parties, street festivals, to ethnic eateries, to the theater, to community talks, museums, etc (all of which I do indeed take advantage of often). I do see a glimmer of hope in the faces of the people that do care about long term solutions and volunteer their time and energy to work towards them, but I will concede that it’s only a glimmer, and nothing more, of hope due to the inaction, selfishness and petty racism and classism I see at least two or three times a day every day in the community, from all segments of the community. But giving up just isn’t an option for me, it can’t be, it’s too hopeless.

  • Really: I chose to live in a city for the exact same reasons that Ms. Pac-Man stated. Yes, I do take advantage of the museums, the monuments, neighborhood gatherings, etc., as often as my time permits. I grew up in a rural/suburban town where you have to drive to everything, and having been in both rural and urban environments, I *personally* much prefer the urban environment. I can walk pretty much anywhere, take a jog around the mall. It all impacts my day to day life. I also did not know anyone here when I first moved to DC, and I think living in the city has helped me interact with more people than I would have if I moved to the suburbs.

    Yes, the gunfire is depressing, the crime is terrible, but I wouldn’t want to trade living here for anything.

    I disagree with voiceofreason, and maybe I’m just misreading your statement… But I don’t think that I should have to be burdened with raising a neighbor’s child because they are incompetent. People who will provide a terrible life just should not have children. That is how this cycle will stop. (Please don’t call me racist because I am not. I’ve seen black/white/brown/purple children brought up poorly and I hold my previous statement to ANY child/parent.)

  • VOR – thank you for a thoughtful and meaningful discussion. This is so much better than throwing stones and beating each other up about our opinions and ideals. The fact that you see a glimmer of hope is that we all need. And if we all had a glimmer of hope then perhaps we would be moved into action.

  • meant to say is “what” we all need.

  • voiceofreason 12:20

    As for your response to really – I agree that what people do is both realize random bystanders are rarely victims, and pushing thugs out of the community is really the only alternative. Pushing thugs out is a combination of getting MPD to be tougher on thugs who hang out in public, and increasing housing costs. Nobody wants these guys to live in their neighborhood for obvious reasons – and society seems incapable of doing anything to address the problem with more social services.

    I think we all wish more social programs, affordable housing, counseling, etc. would somehow work, but it’s failing now and there seems like ZERO chance it will be attempted on the scale that would be needed to really make a difference.

    I guess we have to just admit that there isn’t enough resources or will to try address the “root causes” of crime for the poor that turn to violent crime.

    If we accept this, then the ONLY alternative left is to ask MPD to hassel them until they move on, and hope housing prices will slowly push those with no gainful employment out of the area. Yeah, it will be someone else’s problems, but hey – then those communities will have to put the same amount of effort into pushing these guys on as we did.

    Sorry for the pessimistic post…

  • “But I don

  • Reality Check: I think you’ve described the way things work now to the “T”. It’s the current reality. But when the thugs are pushed out, the community they are pushed out to eventually pushes back and everyone just shuffles their deck chairs on the Titanic. At some point, and some point in time, collectively people have to say “enough” and roll up our sleeves and get to work to really change the culture. Or perhaps not, maybe we’ll just play this game forever, like we’ve always done. I hope not.

  • @vor – true… Hmm. Honestly, I dislike children so I don’t want to help raise good OR bad kids! But I see your point there. I have no answer. I guess no one really does, or we wouldn’t be discussing this ad nauseum. FWIW, I just try to smile and say hi to all of my neighbors, whoever they are. I always wonder why there are such lines drawn in communities? I have no problem with you if you’re poor or old or tall… Just don’t get it.

  • “Short of a heavily enforced, forced sterilization program, it

  • You know, thugs are like cockroaches, and I have lots of experiences with cockroaches (courtesy of the previous owners of my house). We don’t strive to utterly destroy all cockroaches forever, rather we seek to deny deny deny them use of our space. Over time, with regular attacks and traps from me, they eventually leave my house. They may go to my neighbor, but those folks are clean freaks, so they don’t stay long there. Eventually they stay out of site in the walls or under the foundation, and hugely, hugely reduced in number, where I don’t care about them. Its the same with thugs and standard counterinsurgency doctrine. It doesn’t matter if some thugs (or Al Qaeda or whatever) still exist, as we’ll never get rid of all of them, but they can certainly be reduced to the point of near non-existence.

    Now this requires both me and my neighbor to be clean, but honestly if the neighbor wants to live in squalor that is their problem. I won’t host roaches or thugs just to avoid impacting them.

  • Voiceofreason: Sorry, but I’ve lived here too long to think sleaves will be rolled up. I’ve tried myself and after about a year of volunteering, the program folded. I’ve got a busy life and I don’t like kids. My only hope is that the disaffected youth who have every reason to be disaffected will eventually move away before I get hurt by one of them. I feel for them, but I see no hope for them since few want to help, the government doesn’t have the $ and they & their parents rarely want any help…

    Again sorry for the bummer post, but I’m tired of all the root cause posts that never seem to lead to anything.

  • @Nate – I thought you would have liked to roll past the dope boys so you could stop and pick up some weed from them.

  • Reality CHECK: Fair enough, that’s the other side of the coin. I don’t like operating without hope, but I understand that frustration often leads to surrender.

  • So sad the disaffected youth of D.C. don’t realize that the worse off their lives are, the more rocky their background, the better the chance their heartbreaking college entrance essay will score them a free ride at one of the cushy private colleges all over the country that are dying for a more diverse student body. There is a lot of opportunity out there. But you have to study hard, think long term and stay out of trouble, and that’s pretty hard even for kids with every advantage. Then there’s the other dumb a$%es in the classroom that make it hard for the kids who want to learn. Sigh.

  • Penniewise:

    Very good analogy! Hopefully people won’t try to twist it to make it sound like you’re saying all low income people are cockroaches – just that violent thugs who put ALL Petworth residents (young/old, rich/poor, black/white/brown/yellow/green) at risk of violent injury and death.

  • # Anon Says:
    September 1st, 2009 at 1:33 pm

    @Nate – I thought you would have liked to roll past the dope boys so you could stop and pick up some weed from them.
    Nah, my dealer is white. Works at a large law firm downtown. Think of a law firm with an animal in the name. Works by delivery only. Noone is robbing or shooting him. It is actually fairly safe. I would love to be able to buy my weed from CVS. But this model works for me until weed is made legal. Only the nickel and dime crowd buy from the dope boys on the corner. In that sense, making weed legal would improve the safety in your hood as the buyers would be going to CVS instead of trolling your hood.

    I guarantee you that the people shot on Hamilton were selling some form of drug. Maybe they ripped someone off. Maybe they owed someone money. Whatever the case may be, this killing was likely drug related. It likely would not have happened if a) people were able to go to CVS and buy their weed or b) they bought in sufficient quantity as I do to get more reputable dealers.

    So for all of you calling the Police on dealers in your hood, consider this: every time that dealer has to throw his stash when the police chase him or someone robs him, that money/drug likely has to be repaid or made up somehow. CVS raises their prices. What avenue does the petty dealer have?

  • @Nate: I agree with your drug leaglization argument, but not quite sure about the advice not to call the cops on small time dealers. Care to expand on that?

  • Nate — I’m sure, just absolutely sure, that your lawyer-dealer loves you hinting at his identity in an open online community that has a relatively large readership, particularly since you yourself aren’t entirely anonymous. If some prosecutor wanted to subpoena you and put you in front of a grand jury to get the dealer’s identity, it wouldn’t be hard, and an ambitious prosecutor probably would love to be the lead prosecutor on a salacious case that would get some press.

  • Reality Check,
    I call the police on dealers if they are in front of my home or on my corner. Why? Because I don’t want one of those bullets intended for the dealer missing him and crashing through my window or hitting me as I am taking groceries in my house.

    But in any other case, calling police on dealers is not only futile but the antithesis to the result you want. here is why. Let’s say a dealer is working on consignment. He gets “fronted” a couple packs of crack. Say a few 50 slabs. Or a couple of 8 balls. The dealer is going to want his money regardless of the losses the corner boy takes. In effect, the business risk is transferred to the upstream dealer to the corner boy. That means if the cops chase him and he has to throw his stash or if a druggie beats him or if a rival dealer robs him and steals his stash, the dealer who fronted him the dope is going to want his cash. NO MATTER WHAT!

    And the dealer is going to inflict maximum damage to the corner boy if he doesn’t pay him back. For obvious reasons right? You can’t be seen as getting beat on the street by corner boys. Credibility for a dealer is akin to the same goodwill CVS carries on their books for their name brand. You have to protect that it at all costs.

    So when the corner boy loses his stash during the course of doing business, he is either going to rob someone (likely another dope boy), sell some fake dope, or get fronted from a rival dealer to hopefully pay the first dealer back (Borrowing from Peter to pay Paul).

    Hopefully you see how this is digging a deeper hole for himself? Every option he has can lead to a shootout like what we saw last night.

  • “Anonymous Says:
    September 1st, 2009 at 3:03 pm


  • @Nate – Why do you choose to buy from some white lawyer instead of the corner boys? Is it because of the quantity you purchase? It is a delivery service? Its safer? The dealer you are with is more reputable? Or all of the above? I don’t see how a lawyer would sell weed, he obviously knows the law. Knows the consequences of getting caught. Probably doesn’t need the $$. Is he working to legalize it or is just a huge fan himself?

  • “Really’s” comments at 12:09 are right on. I truly dont understand it either.

    I see what you few have said in response… but i mean… you are at the park with your kids and you hear gun shots? You “felt little fear for the safety of the kids at the playground” when there was a gangland murder taking place mere blocks away? I get the whole “cultural” vibe etc. and the discounted cost of living in Petworth… but is the few hundred bucks a month really worth it? Is a 20 minute commute really worth it? There are places in DC that are much safer… you dont have to move to frikin Tysons.

    I can see how people delude themselves into thinking they are safe in petworth with gunshots off in the distance… but to involve your children?

    also, yes, innocent people do get killed in the cross-fire all the time.

  • Since the District government clearly CAN’T or WON’T control the problem with children with guns in this city, it’s time for the U.S. President to take a leadership role as the head of all law enforcement in the country. He needs to issue an Executive Order requiring that ALL cases of violent youth offenders in the District be referred to his Office, and then he should require the detention of said children for the protection of Neighborhood Security. Code Red Alert for the teenage gunmen. Call it the National Neighborhood Security Initiative or something. Get the Secret Service involved. Any f’in day now man! It’s just amazing that it’s so prevalent yet so unabated, you’d think the cops and prosecuters would have figured this all out by now.

    I mean really, we pay tax dollars to subsidize the children and their role models who routinely shoot up our dear town? Come on, we need to expect more from our elected officials and municipal managers.

  • Time to take the trash out.

  • I don’t know his profession. Really don’t even know his name. But the weed is top grade. Most of the weed in the street is BS. Plus, it is dangerous buying from a corner boy. From a police perspective. And from a robbery perspective.

    Let me give you an example to a buddy of mine that was buying weed down on Harvard near Sherman. The police had a bust on the dealers. But my friend didn’t know it. So he walks up to the house and some young boys were standing out like they were selling weed or whatever. They robbed him. Threatened to shoot him. This could have turned deadly as my friend was not likely the first or last person robbed by these guys. This is a GOOD argument for the legalization of drugs.

    The guy I buy from delivers. To my job or home. I buy in sufficient quantities. And I want good quality. So I might spend $500. No way am I going to 4th & Delafield with that kind of loot to buy some BS weed. That’s asking to get robbed.

    I can’t speak on how much he makes. I can say that the street dealers make very little. When you operate in an industry with razor thin margins, theft is punished by death as you see so often on the street. Marijuana and cocaine are essentially commodity products. Much of the price is due to the distribution and inherent risk of selling it. That doesn’t leave much margin for the corner boy @ 7th & Kennedy that can’t differentiate his weed/cocaine from the corner boy at 9th & Hamilton.

  • I know PSM, sometimes I suspect the big guys don’t care at all for us little guys (snicker snicker).

  • I live in the city now because you don’t need a car to get anywhere and it is very close to where I work. When I can afford a car, I’m moving to Fairfax County or Bethesda as fast as I can. I’d love to live in Georgetown/Upper Northwest but I doubt I’ll ever be able to afford it.

    I would never dream of raising kids in Petworth, Columbia Heights, or anywhere east of the park. People weren’t getting shot and killed constantly 5 blocks from me when I was growing up and there is no way my future kids are going to have to deal with that.

  • @Really and @TonyS: I’m curious. Why do you read this blog? Is it a guilty pleasure to see how the “other side” lives or just a random drop in? I’d think you’d know by now all the great things that go on around here since PoP covers lots of cool stuff that would lead people to live here.

    Sure, those who easily fall prey to fear or prejudice probably should not join our party over here in CH/Petworth, or frankly, in any urban area where there are lots of different types of people/personalities/situations.

    Btw, for the record, Fourth of July amateur front yard fireworks shows are just about the scariest most irresponsible thing I’ve experienced in the CH/Petworth area; not gunshots.

  • Yatrakarna – i read this blog because i live in CH and am interested in whats going on in the neighborhood. is that ok with you?

    i’m really glad for you that you haven’t been exposed to violence in CH or Petworth. seriously… congratulations. Seems like you have been able to convince yourself that if you dont see it, it never happened. Again, congratulations. Must be nice.

  • Sorry. I must have misunderstood. I thought you were saying that its not worth living in a neighborhood where there are gunshots.

  • The right to bear arms in DC may be a coming…

    Prediction: The courts will (and should) invalidate Washington

  • Nate: prior firearms and/or drug convictions are disqualifying factors for obtaining a concealed carry permit in almost all states that do issue them.

  • The dealers on 4th and Delafield were kicked out by the landlord and have moved down to 4th between Buchanan and Crittenden. Took the landlord over a year to get them out. Awesome system.

  • no, i was saying that i dont see how people choose to raise their children in neighborhoods where there are gunshots when they have the means/ability to move it they wanted to.

  • (Washington, D.C.)

  • # ontarioroader Says:
    September 1st, 2009 at 4:02 pm

    Nate: prior firearms and/or drug convictions are disqualifying factors for obtaining a concealed carry permit in almost all states that do issue them.

    Sounds good to me. Drug dealers should not be allowed to carry weapons. I think we ALL agree on that. Not that they will abide by this or any other law. But at least law abiding people will be afforded their constitutional rights.

    # Petworth Says:
    September 1st, 2009 at 4:06 pm

    The dealers on 4th and Delafield were kicked out by the landlord and have moved down to 4th between Buchanan and Crittenden. Took the landlord over a year to get them out. Awesome system.
    I bet the residents b/w Buchanan and Crittenden are not so happy that MPD are winning the war on drugs on Delafield. I fail to see what is so awesome about this.

  • We moved out of the city to raise our kids. We just thought that it was the best decision for all us. I know that not everyone has the means to do that. We only moved as far away as Falls Church and I don’t feel like I am trapped in suburban hell. I love it and the unsettled feeling and uneasyness of living in Petworth left my body the day we moved out. We are all happier. It’s not a path for everyone, but one that was best for our family, our lifestyle and our values. We all have different ideals and opinions. And while I can’t speak for Really – I still read the blog because I find most of the stuff interesting…but perhaps it’s time to shed the city life completely.

  • @former resident: It’s ok to look. Come back and visit anytime. Bring the kids.

    I don’t like it when people question someone else’s decision to raise their kids in the CH/Petworth area or a city where crime occurs more generally. I, for one, don’t know whether its better to raise kids in the burbs or the city. There’s definite plus and minuses to both. I have a kid. We live in the CH/Petworth area. We like it.

  • I feel like I am exposed to crime through this blog more than in my everyday life. Which of *course* does not mean that everything is hunky-dory and I think everyone is complaining too much. I’m just answering the question about why I stay. I like my house, I like my neighbors, particularly my nosy neighbor who called me to say she saw a moving truck out front and did I know about it (I’m moving out of the area temporarily.) I like being close to the Metro and all the other nice things that come with city life. I smile and say hi to people walking down the street, and they smile and say hi to me.

    But I would never question a person who said that they wanted to leave, that they felt it was just too much for them. I grew up in the suburbs and I don’t get the reflexive suburb hate expressed here at times — I liked it there, and I like it here. I’m not living in the city because I’m trying to “keep it real,” I just wanted a place I could afford that was near a Metro. I don’t think the suburbs are some magical crime-free wonderland, it’s just another choice.

    I should say, though, that I don’t have kids. That definitely adds a very important part to the equation. And I also wonder if I experience a little less craziness because I’m black AND because I’m a woman. Do the corner boys feel like they have to get in a man’s face, some weird territory-marking, but I am less threatening? I know I’ve complained about injecting racial issues into some threads, but if I really want to be honest about my experiences here, I don’t think it’s fair to ignore that piece.

  • You might get off easy Christina, I am told I have a face like David Duke, which has caused me to be verbally assaulted pretty regularly. The hebrew israelites love me as I wait for my bus while they do their caterwauling next to Gallery Place, and they spend as long as possible calling me the white devil that should die and such. I respond by puffing up and crossing my arms and looking stern like they do, and luckily the bus shows up before I get killed 😉

  • saf

    I grew up in a city, in a questionable neighborhood.

    I have lived in a lot of different kinds of places.

    Yes, I would like less crime, less dirt. But that’s only a part of the neighborhood, and I work to change that.

    I love it here, and if you want to leave, cool, but don’t judge those of us who stay. We’re here because despite the snags, it really is in many ways, the beautiful life.

  • Been in DC ten and this side of the park 5 years. I have lived in LA, Phoenix Boston Dallas, mostly with little money. I have to side with a few people, now that I have two kids a shitty public school system and watching the neighbors kids grow into hoodrats is not the cultural exposure I want for my children.

    Call me racist, gentrified, i dont care. What you call gentrification I call evolution, progress. Its like colonization, sure some of the process isnt that great for the natives, but obviously the existing system wasnt moving forward and needed to be replaced by a better system. Nature does that sometimes.

    Anyhow, 20 years of various city living w/o so much as a mugging has been nice. But im done. So falls church or Mclean is the next move.

  • Hm. I’m not sure that’s the best analogy. In many places that were “colonized,” the “natives” were doing just fine on their own and didn’t really need to adapt to an outsider’s view of “progress.” And referring to evolution or progress could give the impression that you think some people are more evolved than others.

    We’re all pretty much evolved to about the same level. I think most people want safety, beauty, community, and a nice place to raise their families. it’s not like those desirable qualities were imported by newcomers, and “natives” craved chaos. Many people in our neighborhoods have been working on these issues long before either one of us came along. And they don’t have an opportunity to pick up and move.

    That said, Falls Church or McLean are both very nice places.

    @Pennywise: it sucks that that happens to you. I wish I could say anything better than that.

  • Ugh, TonyS ENOUGH already. Maybe people raise their kids here to avoid the crappy other places they could raise kids. For example: My happy go-lucky upbringing in perfect and white bred Annapolis, Md… One neighbor was molested by the guy down the street, pretty much every one of my friends was beat up by a lacrosse-playing-jeep-driving-boyfriend at one point, about a billion of my friends killed themselves and others driving drunk, and 3 of my friends committed suicide by jumping off the Bay Bridge (one on the night of the homecoming dance after she was rejected by a crush). The suburbs kill in their own horrible, f-ed up ways. This city is a paradise, if you ask me.

  • Dear Former Resident,

    The unsettled feeling and uneasyness also left my body the day you moved out of Petworth. You are more likely to be killed with a gun by someone you know irrespective of where you live, so I am sure you will find it comfortably within your ideals and values (ha) that your loved ones, friends, neighbors and kids (when they are grown) will have easy access to purchasing and owning a gun in Falls Church, Virginia – if not suburban hell, then suburban hypocricy in your virtuous case. It’s time.

  • RG,
    I am very concerned about the exposure of your children and your neighbors’ hoodrats to you. And please don’t let the turnstile hit you in the ass on your last Metro trip out of the city, but for goodness sake get your kids into some kind of ethical or moral protective custody so they grow into broadminded individuals in spite of your influence. FYI – If you are sending them to what you call shitty DC public schools you may have trouble affording life in the Northern Virginia towns you mention. You are done indeed.

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