Wild Sculpture – What the Helen of Troy is it?

DSCN1481, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

I couldn’t get a great angle on this sculpture but it sorta looks like a very pensive devil. But it also has wings so I’m totally confused. Is this a figure from mythology or something? Anyone recognize it?

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  • It is called a grotesque (similar to a gargoyle, but without the waterspout function). That one looks fairly new, probably purchased at a home & garden shop, but you can find all kinds of similar peculiarities at architectural salvage shops.

    They can be of mythical creatures, but more commonly portray various figures from Christianity, typically those condemned for various sins, and are shown in a position of mental or physical anguish, intended to evoke awe and empathy from the observer.

  • schmiegel from lord of the rings!

  • Don’t be so damned cruel. That’s clearly the dwarf homeowner just back from a costume party and wondering where the hell he left his keys.

    Honestly, people, a little sensitivity.

  • More specifically, it’s the Spitting Gargoyle from Notre Dame in Paris… http://www.pbase.com/fremietfr/image/48060962

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