Where’s the Best Dessert Spot In Town?

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In yesterday’s discussion about Locolat Cafe a reader requested a discussion about the best dessert spots in town. I think the reader is talking about a sit down spot. So where’s your favorite sit down (cafe type) dessert spot in town?

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  • Hook. Everything’s great, but I’m obsessed with the Key Lime Pie.

  • Black salt in the Palisades has really good desserts, but it’s very expensive, definitely a special occasion kind of place. Other than that, the goober pie at Kramer’s. Not much else in this town, it’s severely lacking in good european style sit down dessert cafes.

  • Larry’s Homemade Ice Cream in Dupont Circle.

    The ice cream is fantastic and the often overlooked cupcakes beat out hello cupcake any day. Larry is also a great, crazy guy.

  • I like my dessert calories in liquid form, so I vote for any wine bar.

    Any bar at all, really.

  • Cafe La Rouche in Georgetown has excellent desserts and a nice little patio to enjoy a glass of white wine on a summer day.

  • I’m a huge fan of Co Co Sala in Penn Quarter. If you are a chocolate fan you have to go.

  • The Diner in Adams Morgan has great desserts. My personal favorite is the ice cream cookie sandwich – delish!

  • Baked & Wired, hands down. The G’town place has the BEST cupcakes in town (g’town cupcakes are dry and gross), has a great lounge-type environment and has some great cookies, dessert bars and coffee/tea options.

  • The dessert menu at Restaurant Nora looks outstanding, but I’ve never been. Can anyone who has visited confirm or deny?


  • I like Sticky Fingers’ cupcakes even better than cakelove or baked & wired, and I’m not even a vegan. But it’s not a particularly fancy atmosphere. For frozen desserts, I like the Dairy Godmother in Del Ray (Alexandria) and Thomas Sweet in Georgetown.

  • I second the goober pie at Kramer’s.

  • the desserts at Saint Ex can be absolutely fabulous. they are lucky to have a genuine pastry chef who has great skill and imagination!! last time i was there, i adored their ice cream sandwich kind of thing–homemade cookies, homemade ice cream. orange and chocolate, i think, but i can’t remember which was which. YUM!!

  • Either the chocolate mascarpone sandwich cookie at Breadline or the nutella dessert at Hook.

  • Room 11 has brought back the amazzzzzing ol’ Temperance Hall goat cheese cake with the cherry stuff (not the actual name). YAY.

  • Cajun Beignets and coffee at Bardia’s New Orleans Cafe, or Sunday brunch pastries and coffee at La Fourchette in Adams Morgan rock.

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