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  • One of my favorite parts of this mural is the image of a few houses which are on the other side of the street.

  • i love it. maybe its the mirrored tiles but it looks so delicate. i hope it can stand up to urban life

  • Yes it LOOKS great, but I am sick of all the broken glass and tiles ALL OVER the sidewalk and grass near the road over there. Its bad for sandal-wearing humans and our dogs that walk through it 3-4 times a day…

  • The teacher should be given an award! Or maybe just put in charge of the DC Summer Work program. It looks great, and it kept some kids busy and productive this summer.

  • This is the type of art project that seems perfect for the school kids and neighbors. Fun, attractive and people will feel proud of what they created for years to come. Great idea! Kudos to the teacher who created/managed the project.

  • rachel switch roads temporarily or sides of the street better view across the street any way

  • This along with Bloombars are two of the unambiguously, indisputably, total-consensus coolest things on 11th Street, or for that matter all of CH. The more arts in the community, the better. A long time ago I saw in the prospective plans for Sherman Ave. (which is being redone) a concept of a CH gateway public art being installation on the grassy triangle (which I think may eventually be more like a circle) where Park Road intersects with Sherman. So far as I can tell, this idea has not been incorporated (yet) into the ongoing Sherman Ave. plans, but that is another great location for some community public art. If the 11th and Monroe Park ever gets redone, that is another venue where I’d love to see some community public art. This mural is simply great and I second the idea of some sort of award for the teacher — is there a city agency that does that sort of thing?

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