Turf Installed in Field Behind DC USA Mall

DSCN2017, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

The new field at the Harriet Tubman school, at 11th between Kenyon and Irving, is not the only new field in Columbia Heights. It looks like the new turf behind DC USA is nearly finished. You can see in the photo that there is a score board for the Bell Multi Cultural School located nearby on 16th Street. I didn’t see any Mayor Fenty signage on this one…

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  • The rec center at Georgia and Madison is simiarly turfed. It is not, however, available for use. I asked an employee if he knew when it would be, and he looked at me like I’d asked to use the President’s red phone. You gotta love the more, ah, challenging aspects of life in this town.

  • Do we know who is paying for all these new fields? I am especially interested in who is paying for the field at Harriot Tubman. Also, who will be able to use the fields

    Keep up the great work POP!


  • Jason, you are paying for the renovations (if you are a DC resident). I bet the field renovations were budgeted pre-budget shortfall when the city was rolling in tax revenue. I have noticed new fields / community center upgrades all across DC – Brookland, Near the convention center, Columbia Heights etc.

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