Sweet Street Scene

DSCN1936, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

I was rather lost when I took those photo but thought it was a pretty sweet street scene. Anyone recognize it?

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  • Could it be the street behind the Washington Design Center? looks like the railroad embankment and brick pattern of the building …

  • hmm, must be somewhere around the train tracks around 2nd st ne… can’t remember which part of that is nicely paved though.

    did you know the arena that the beatles played their first US show in is located right there? it is currently a parking lot. kinda crazy.

  • Somewhere east of the tracks, slightly north of K street NE, perhaps? Photo taken looking south?

  • I also think it’s somewhere near the Uline Arena north of Union Station, but can’t figure out the exact spot.

  • What a great site PoP. While you may not be a Celtics fan, were it not for this blog entry I wouldn’t have learned about Arnold’s feats here in DC, as far back as 1950! Way cool. Too bad he’s gone!! What a guy!


  • it’s delaware avenue NE, just south of M street.

  • This is something thats bothered me. That street, directly west of Uline arena, north of L and south of M used to be 2nd street NE. I guess they changed it to Delaware, but only one of the street signs are right, and google maps doesnt name it as delaware. No big deal, but i have lived in the area for 6 years so im grumpy.

  • eric: if anything, it should have been delaware avenue all along, as that was it’s location in l’enfant’s plan. of course, the rail tracks got placed in delaware avenue’s right-of-way, obliterating most of it from union station north in the late 1800s.

  • Though someone beat me to it…

    M st NE just east of the NY/Fla/Gallaudet Metro. And yes, those elevated tracks lead to union station.

  • Yeah, it’s looking south on 2nd St. NE at M St. NE right outside the entrance to the NY Ave. Metro. It’s my commute to the metro every morning. I didn’t realize it was also (?) called Delaware Ave.

    Look at all these brave people who know about “the other side of H St. NE”. Ha.

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