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HeatWaveAugust10_2009 009, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

Thanks to Tara from DC Defacto for sending in this great scene of folks making the best of the heat wave. I lost about two quarts of water just typing that sentence. One day I’ll get central air…

Fun with hydrant 056

And I just noticed PoPville flickr users ericandkatherine got a good shot too!

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  • Forget central, ductless is where it’s at!

  • I bought the typical renovated rowhouse with central air. What crap! All the disjointed ceilings to acommodate ductwork…and try a PEPCO bill of 300 to keep the house cool. I bought 90$ window ACs and can sleep at night for 40$ extra per mo. (rather than 300$). We just put up with the warmth during our day. Less consumption.

  • am i the only one not ok with the tremendous waste of water from opening up fire hydrants (whether done legally or not)? given that many parts of our country are in drought, why is this tolerated?

  • it’s a much smaller waste of water than private swimming pools. a once or twice a year fire hydrant water park is a literal drop in the bucket compared to the pools.

  • I guess New Hampy never lived in urban city. Opening up the fire hydrants is a classic part of summer.

  • I don’t particularly care for the waste of water either. I have seen the hydrant just running for what seems like hours. This looks my block at the corner of 4th & Emerson…

  • Opening up a hydrant is all fun and games until someone’s house burns down because all the nearby hydrants are broken. Play with the water out of the hose in your own yard or go to the numerous FREE pools provided by the city.

  • If we’re going to stop the hydrant playing, I think we should force all private homeowners with pools to give them up or pay a hefty fee for their over-consumption of water. After all, they can also go to the numerous free pools provided by the city.

  • Water is a renewable resource. Relax. If you’re so concerned about the environment, why don’t you shut down your computer and stop wasting electricity by posting here?

  • Voice of Reason, are you suggesting that the people who have private pools don’t pay for that water? That’s an outrage!

    Actually you’ll find that after a certain amount of water usage per month the cost of water from WASA rises a LOT so that people who use more water pay more for water.

    these kids didn’t pay for any of this and are playing in the street, which is low class. Frankly, given how lame the hydrant thing is, they can have it and I don’t care one way or another because it’s just not that cool.

    I think it’s a tough decision to make whether or not kids fall into the “you need to pay for this” group because it’s their parents who aren’t taking them to the pool and aren’t paying for this. It’s probably not fair to judge children on what their parents choose to spend their money on or whether or not their parents go to grad school to get a better job to pay for a better camp.

    My kids go swimming 6-7 days a week in the summer, but do you have any idea how complicated that was to set up? It was HARD and it cost me.

  • Note water varies in space and time, so while some parts of the country may be experiencing drought, we are not. We are technically within an ‘abnormally dry’ period, rather than a full on drought (which is to abnormally dry as murder is to harsh language). So, opening hydrants here has no adverse environmental impact, beyond the impact generated by the presence of the system itself (ie, it would be better if no humans existed and made water pipes and hydrants). You can monitor our drought conditions here:

    which is a government funded / interagency reporting site. Or you can keep bickering.

  • Playing in the street is “low class?” They’re just kids, it’s a fire hydrant. If one was open on my street, I’d have to restraint myself from dashing through it and I’m grown. I bet “high class” kids would do that, too. I remember when playing in a sprinkler was pretty thrilling. Ah, youth.

    The heat must be making us all cranking. Hey, at least these kids aren’t allegedly chopping down trees, right?

  • ahem, I mean “cranky”

  • how can this possibly be “abnormally dry” summer? It’s been raining kittens and puppies like crazy all summer. I’d love to know if we EVER have summers that aren’t “abnormally dry”.

  • I week ago a hydrant was tested near my office as I was waiting for a sandwich to be made. I was all excited to go splash in the streets, but alas they shut if off as my sandwich was finished and handed over. I can testify that big gushing flows of water on hot days are irresistible to me at least.

  • I think what Neener was getting at is that he and other sleeve-tattooed hipsters (and their children) are too cool to play in hydrants.

  • We haven’t had much rain since June, which was very wet.

  • I think this is my old stomping grounds “4th & Emerson”. This photo brings back so many memories of the neighborhood kids being in the fire hydrant. That hydrant had the best water pressure but the downfall is that it use to tare up the street pavement. The hydrant on 4th & Farragut wasn’t as rough but not as fun.

    I so miss that neighborhood.

  • I think what Neener was getting at is that he and other sleeve-tattooed hipsters (and their children) are too cool to play in hydrants.

    I was 30 before people started getting sleeve tattoos. Today I wore a brooks brothers suit to the office and after work met with a lawyer about the company I’m trying to form with a coworker’s wife (woman-owned business you know, important).

    Ain’t none of you here have any idea what we’re all about. hipster! oh man. I wish.

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