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  • Oink!

    What’s the thing with the starfruit in it? I’ve never seen anything like that before.

  • grilled pig penis?

  • these pictures are conde nast!!

  • That’s a gol-darn shame doing ribs on a kettle grill. I hope they were just searing the outside or keeping them warm.


  • Meat is murder.

  • Tasty, Tasty Murder.

  • That pig should have been entered in the “Best pet of Petworth “other” category.

    I clicked on the pix and now I know that is “porchetta.” Iv’e never had it, but it looks great.

  • Sweet, tender, delicious, mouthwatering murder. Pass me the plate!

  • Salad is murder! Poor lil’ spinaches and lettuces were just frolicking about in the field, and then one day…

  • Savor the flavor of murder, Anonymous.

  • Yes, that PIG deserved to die, and I hope he burns in HELL!

  • Murder or otherwise–why ruin a roast pig with all that fanciness?

  • Those pictures gave me an orgasm.

  • Mmmm, is that a pecan pie in the background?

  • Ugh. I really didn’t need to see a picture of a charred, severed pig head. I like to pretend that my meat comes naturally in shrink-wrapped styrofoam containers that are picked from meat-growing trees on a idyllic country farm. Yes, I have issues.

  • I like Christina’s idea but say we take it to the logical next step – the winner of “pets of PoPville” get their pet all BBQ’d like in the pic and get to serve it up at a big ‘ol PoP block party. Nothing like being so close to your pet that they’re actually inside you…

  • Where can you get a full pig in DC?

  • @Rat King – try the FL Ave. Market

  • @ Rat King:
    You can get a piglet at the Mt Pleasant Farmer’s Market on Sat’s. Truckpatch sells em, had one in the cooler two weeks ago. Ask Brian, Truckpatch’s farmer, about it.

  • you can get a whole dog at Ho Chi Minh’s…

  • Rat King of Adams Morgan:

    Ask for help with a source at Havana Village on Columbia Road in Adams Morgan.

    You’re requesting a “Suckling Pig”.

  • There are so many things wrong in those photos it’s hard to know where to start.

  • traif

    seriously, there’s a f*cking GRILLED FACE on that table. un-f*cking-believable! Some people have sh*t-for-brains. trailer trash!

    I agree with Ontarioroader, POP should grill up one of the animals in the photo contest.

  • I think I just became a vegetarian.

  • mmmm pig roast

  • Are you saying you’re never going to eat any animal again? What about bacon?
    Pork chops?
    Dad, those all come from the same animal.
    Heh heh heh. Ooh, yeah, right, Lisa. A wonderful, magical animal

  • In England, back when if you wanted meat, you had to raise/slaughter it yourself, the boar’s head was eaten at Christmas. The rest of the animal was preserved in salt or brine or was smoked and cured to last through the winter. Even the blood was mixed with herbs and oats to make “black pudding” and the tripe was cooked with white beans and potatoes. No refrigeration. You didn’t waste a single bit of the animal because your survival depended on it. Today, apparently, we can afford the luxury of eating genetically enhanced boneless chicken breasts and throwing the rest of the animal away. Head is actually pretty tasty, particularly the cheeks, which are known as “bath chaps” for some reason. Sort of a cross between bacon and pork rind. And that’s where “headcheese” comes from anyway: boil the head with herbs until all the meat falls off, pour into baking molds with chopped vegetables and vinegar, cool, and slice it over some fresh greens. An excellent summer first course.

    Real porchetta is a treat. It’s an Italian roadside fastfood: basically debone the entire suckling pig and season heavily with salt, garlic, and fresh fennel, wrap it up in its own skin, and slice thin over fresh bread. I’ve never seen it done in any DC restaurants because it’s so expensive and time-consuming, but I’m sure some snooty place will get around to it.

  • if we are grilling the competition in the coolest pets of petworth, i’ve got dibs on the bunnies.

  • My family was from the ‘old country’ and was accustomed to slaughtering their own chickens and such. When they got to America, my great-grandmother was totally freaked out by the supermarket chicken that was wrapped in plastic. Several incidents involving live chickens in the kitchen before they convinced her that it was the same product.

  • You can also get whole dog tied up outside Whole Foods on P St.

  • ummm…save me some cheek!

  • These are hands down the most offensive pictures ever posted on this website. Would you have posted photos of a dog or cat who had been killed and mutilated if their body parts were being offered outside of a restaurant in Chinatown?

  • For the record, I find Justin’s racism far more offensive than these photos.

  • It is kind of funny to see the vegitrolling on the site- these pictures are obviously food porn for some (Myself included), and horrible snuff pics for others. Veggies please move on to the garden pics, and avert your eyes! That porchetta looks like someone put a lot of time into it, and came out with a tour de force and I am jealous of anyone that had a slice of that chunk of trancendant wonder!

  • Anon 9:50am, I totally second that!

  • I’m with Centzon Totochtin on this (great name, BTW); I would have loved to have been fortunate enough to attend that feast. If you don’t eat meat, and can’t stand the sight of same, just click to another article and spare us the sanctimony.

  • I would have loved to have been there too. Neener, I think you must speak all the time in exclamation points. You are one judgmental son-of-a-gun. Here’s some people having a nice backyard barbecue and you’re calling them “trailer trash?” People have pig roasts all the time, they are a common part of some culinary cultures. Is this objectively more weird than seeing a roast turkey all displayed before the carving?

    If you are a vegetarian or a vegan and you have philosophical objections, that’s a different thing, of course. But otherwise let your blood pressure go down a bit.

  • I don’t really care what other people eat or what pics get posted here- hell, I see people in that charred-to-death state on occasion in my line of work. I just think it’s funny as hell that the super cute furry animal contest is a few posts away from a dead/scorched baby pig.

  • jim,

    i will fight you for the bunnies, and make no mistake…i will win!

    im fine with vegetarians and vegans, whatever… but where i am from, people cant afford organic greens and tofu from whole foods. you crop share with your neighbors and can the excess, and freeze the wild game that someone in your family was luck enough to shoot during hunting season.

  • “I just think it

  • those pictures are great and after looking at theraspberryexpress’s flickr pool i am requesting he/she adopt me immediately. that looks like the tastiest household in DC

  • Oh, you gotta love DC. After seeing this post, I only had to scroll down a little bit (as expected) to see the self righteous vegitrolls start rolling in!

  • I think I am in love with theraspberryexpress.

  • As usual, I will now deliver the final word on everything:

    We’re a culture of damned weak weasels. A great many of us seem to be OFFENDED very easily. Scorched pig ain’t your thing? Groovy! Move on to the next post, or turn off the computer and go take your stress pills.

    Personally, it ain’t my thing, but so what? I also hate cats and sunshine, but I don’t bitch to the management every time PoP posts a shot of a kitten or outdoor summer scene. If you’re seriously that fragile, as to be deeply troubled by a shot of somebody’s backyard BBQ, why not consider a lifelong career as a barking mad shut-in? It’s totally awesome! AND it leaves the line free for legitimate emergencies!

    And Neener, your rage is now so predictable and delightfully substance-free, I call complete bullsh*t on the whole act. I give 3-1 odds you’re really some intern working for PoP to goad on the comment pool (HA! GENIUS!)

  • I asked PoP to put this up so that those with epicurean interests could celebrate the final weeks of summer outdoor cooking, not condemn it. I am not urging anyone to consume anything in particular and would expect the self-righteous in their delusional urban towers to extend the same fundamental courtesy. Such hyperventilating intolerance from the lunatic fringe does little more than highlight the disconnect between food purchased and its source, as well as the spoiled luxury of selective center-cut consumption and picky choice. Those who object to the rational and viable distribution of proteins and produce as well any medical procedure are free to ask PoP for an end of summer vitriol that suits their fury. This one is for those who enjoy grilling in PoPville during the summer. Send in pics and grilling enthusiasts can compare notes.

    Nothing from the pig was wasted. Heart, kidney and liver were in the forcemeat. Cheeks and tongue were eaten. It was humbly and conscientiously raised on a small Amish farm in Pennsylvania whose livelihood is based on sensible soup-to-nuts farming. Western civilization owes some of its proliferation to the pig who easy husbandry and versatility provided year-long sustenance before the age of refrigeration, intertron and petty anti-porcine proselytizing.

  • When’s the next pig-pickin’?

  • RaspberryExpress, I want to be your friend because your Flickr feed is amaaaazing. It is very impressive…I consider myself a decent enough cook, but I am not even close to your league.

  • All of you missed the real travesty here!! Pork ribs on the kettle grill?!? I mean, jebus, what sort of evil person would do that to perfectly good ribs?!?!


    low and slow
    low and slow

  • The ribs were indeed cooked slow and low, covered and uncovered after spending a week in brine. That half of the grill had little to no heat under it and were warming the ribs back up. Any hot coals were in the foreground of the grill.

  • Raspberry, I understand that a person must make do with what they got MacGuyver-style, but ribs need to be smoked or the BBQ gods can be angered. 😉

  • I just saw this and it made me think of this post. For all of those out there who were interested in cooking their pets! lol


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