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This truck was sitting on Florida Ave just west of 14th Street, NW. I spoke with the guy in the truck who said he gets the Watermelons from a farm in Greenville, NC. They are $10 a piece but they are gigantic. I just loved the scene.

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  • That’s at least $3k worth of watermelons in the back of that truck, which seems kinda crazy unless they’re absolutely delectable.

  • Those are some expensive melons!

  • I’m going to guess they came from an unsuspecting local grocery store’s outdoor display of watermelons and not from NC. Just a hunch. Why would someone drive watermelons from NC to sell off the back of a truck in Northwest Washington, DC?

  • Why? To sell on W between 14th and 15h, of course.

  • I talked to those people on Saturday. I was like, “hey this is cool!” followed by, “What are you kidding me?”

  • I saw this too. Totally random, kind of loved it.

  • I was driving through NC this weekend and saw a roadside stand with $1 watermelons. I didn’t realize there was such a markup once they got to DC otherwise I would have stopped and bought a few.

  • Anyone remember that produce truck that used to sit at the corner of 14th and Park, before construction started on DCUSA? They didn’t have anything great… hardly “farm fresh”… but I always thought it was cool to see, even if it did snarl up traffic from time to time.

  • I haggled him down to $5.

  • I haggled him down to $5.

  • I haggled him down to $5.

  • The real place to sell those melons would on Q St. between 11th & 12th…next to the watermelon house.

  • Nice melons!

    So much for the farmers market on U Street, Mt. P, Dupont Circle. I will be doing all my melon shopping at 14th Street and Florida Avenue.

  • Are they seedless?

  • OK, let me get this right…This guy with DC tags drives all the way down to NC to get watermelons. Maybe he should purchase the watermelons from Costco. That would save on the cost of gas and driving time.

  • They sell watermelons at that corner at least once a week. They have been selling them at that spot all summer.

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